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  1. Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 Cover Image

    Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3

    Plot : Super villains, clones, and all round mayhem are part and parcel of Peter Parker and Mary Janes' lives.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill November 3, 2008
  2. Scott Kolins: Rogues Rewind Cover Image

    Scott Kolins: Rogues Rewind

    After re-joining DC Comics at the end of summer 2007, artist Scott Kolins worked on Countdown , Superman/Batman Annual #2 and Brave and the Bold before tackling the project that brought him back to DC Comics in the first place: a new collaboration with his old Flash colleague Geoff Johns titled Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge , the final issue of which arrived in stores a few weeks ago.

    Comics Interview Article Keith Dallas November 3, 2008