Comic Articles

  1. Charlatan: Preludes Cover Image

    Charlatan: Preludes

    Charlatan: Preludes begins with a quiet domestic scene that sets the tone of the book perfectly.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks February 11, 2009
  2. Minding Dredd Cover Image

    Minding Dredd

    They say that “what goes around comes around”, which is what my lovely wife would call an “ASBO”, or “Another Statement of the Bleedin’ Obvious”.

    Column Article Regie Rigby February 10, 2009
  3. Incognito #2 Cover Image

    Incognito #2

    Matthew J. Brady While it might be unfortunate that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are taking a break from their excellent series Criminal , they're really only taking a bit of a step sideways in this new mini-series, combining their noir stylings with a gritty superhero (or supervillain, rather) milieu.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill, Matthew J. Brady February 9, 2009
  4. Final Crisis Cover Image

    Final Crisis

    I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that Final Crisis has elicited a wide variety of responses.

    Comic Review Article Thom Young February 3, 2009
  5. Secret Warriors #1 Cover Image

    Secret Warriors #1

    Dan Hill Plot : "Secret Invasion" has passed and Norman Osborn has ascended and now wields absolute power in the Marvel Universe.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill, Dave Wallace February 2, 2009