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Comic Articles

  1. Charlton Spotlight #6 Cover Image

    Charlton Spotlight #6

    Okay, this is one mainly for the cultists, but what a treasure for those who've drunk the kool-aid! This issue of Charlton Spotlight features two long-lost comic stories by the redoubtable team of Nic Cuti and Joe Staton.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks September 1, 2008
  2. Scott Allie: Proving Kane is Able Cover Image

    Scott Allie: Proving Kane is Able

    Scott Allie, long time editor at Dark Horse for such titles as Hellboy , Buffy and Conan , has set his sights on another of Robert E. Horward's characters, Solomon Kane , this time as writer.

    Comics Interview Article Matthew McLean August 28, 2008