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Comic Articles

  1. The Jester Awards 2008 - Part One Cover Image

    The Jester Awards 2008 - Part One

    Good Evening my Foolish Friends, and welcome to the Annual Jester Awards , when we here at FoolCentral get to give a pat on the back to those comics and comics creators that have brightened our world in the past twelve months.

    Column Article Regie Rigby December 30, 2008
  2. Station Cover Image


    Two hundred and twenty miles above the Earth’s surface, the International Space Station is one of the most isolated places a group of humans can gather.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill December 30, 2008
  3. Incognito #1 Cover Image

    Incognito #1

    Dan Hill Plot : Zack Overkill, once a feared super criminal, starts to lust after his old life as the routine of his new one grows stale.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill, Dave Wallace December 29, 2008
  4. Andy Schmidt: IDW's Star Trek Captain Cover Image

    Andy Schmidt: IDW's Star Trek Captain

    After stepping down as a Marvel Comics' editor in June 2007, Andy Schmidt focused his energies on writing freelance assignments, developing his Comics Experience school for budding comic book writers and artists, and, most of all, taking care of his newborn son.

    Comics Interview Article Keith Dallas December 15, 2008