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Comic Articles

  1. Chicken with Plums Cover Image

    Chicken with Plums

    Marjane Satrapi, creator of the wonderful Persepolis , has created this marvelous follow-up to her breakthrough book.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks August 26, 2009
  2. Mondo Marvel #10 - March 1963 Cover Image

    Mondo Marvel #10 - March 1963

    Welcome one and all, to the March 1963 edition of Mondo Marvel , the bi-weekly column where I, your humble narrator, reads and comments on each and every Super Hero comic published by Marvel Comics, beginning with November 1961's Fantastic Four #1 and ending when I drop dead from exhaustion or reach December 1969, whichever comes first.

    Column Article, Mondo Marvel Paul Brian McCoy August 25, 2009
  3. Justice League of America #36 Cover Image

    Justice League of America #36

    Wonder Woman! Red Tornado! Firestorm! Plastic Man! Vixen! Doctor Light! These, my friends, are your Justice League of America.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks August 22, 2009