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  1. Top 10 Bronze Age Writers Cover Image

    Top 10 Bronze Age Writers

    Comics are undoubtedly a visual medium; indeed, it is the medium's graphic component that sets it apart as a unique type of storytelling.

    Column Article, Top Ten Andrew Wahl October 18, 2010
  2. Friday Slufest: New Avengers #5 Cover Image

    Friday Slufest: New Avengers #5

    The New Avengers remain confused by magic, even though they now have two Sorcerers Supreme on the team who, helpfully, name each of their spells in glowing, white letters.

    Comic Review Article Shawn Hill, Chris Kiser October 16, 2010
  3. Angel vs. Frankenstein #2 Cover Image

    Angel vs. Frankenstein #2

    At the cusp of the 20th century, Angel works as a janitor in a New York mental institution, which houses a familiar, hidden patient.

    Comic Review Article Ray Tate October 16, 2010
  4. Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 Cover Image

    Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5

    Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 opens with what amounts to a diegetic recap page--a necessity as this issue’s come out a few months late--wherein Red Robin explains the situation to the random smattering of superheroes that amounts to the current incarnation of the Justice League: the Flash, Cyborg, Dr.

    Comic Review Article Danny Djeljosevic October 16, 2010
  5. Waiting for The Great Pumpkin  Cover Image

    Waiting for The Great Pumpkin

    A significant comic strip anniversary is less than two weeks away! Linus began his annual anticipation of the Great Pumpkin’s rising from a sincere pumpkin patch in the “Peanuts” strip that appeared in newspapers on October 26, 1959.

    Column Article Jim Kingman October 15, 2010
  6. Shadowland #4 Cover Image

    Shadowland #4

    Elektra leads the heroes into Shadowland for a final attempt to kill Murdock before he can resurrect Bullseye.

    Comic Review Article Michael Deeley October 15, 2010
  7. Invaders Now! #2 Cover Image

    Invaders Now! #2

    "Playing God" On a past mission, the Invaders murder innocent people.

    Comic Review Article Ray Tate October 15, 2010