Comic Articles

  1. Demon Knights #3 Cover Image

    Demon Knights #3

    Madame Xanadu's spell repels the invaders from the village, but at a great personal cost.

    Comic Review Article Ray Tate November 14, 2011
  2. Green Lantern #3 Cover Image

    Green Lantern #3

    Green Lantern #3 is raising a lot of questions, including the following: How does that created ring even work? Is it a construct? Is Hal temporarily deputized? Why do I suddenly care about the pink Space Hitler? Is there any way to start reading this story intravenously?

    Comic Review Article Paden Wyatt November 14, 2011
  3. Legion Lost #3 Cover Image

    Legion Lost #3

    This amounts to what will likely be the average issue of Legion Lost.

    Comic Review Article Ray Tate November 14, 2011
  4. SUNDAY SLUGFEST: Point One #1 Cover Image

    SUNDAY SLUGFEST: Point One #1

    Marvel Comics promotes some upcoming high-profile events and ongoing series with a $5.99 anthology one-shot. It's like you paid Marvel to advertise in your living room!

    Comic Review Article Kyle Garret, Jamil Scalese November 13, 2011