The Wolf Among Us Livestream Diary "What if characters from fables came into our world?"

A column article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox by: Erica McGillivray, Jose San Mateo

These videos were edited from a live stream of The Wolf Among Us: Faith with Indie Haven Editor Jose San Mateo and Comic book reviewer Erica McGillivray. If you're interested in seeing more vidoes of the stream visit the Indie Haven YouTube page. If you want to find out more about Erica, visit her website here. We'll be live streaming episode 2 Smoke and Mirrors on Sunday at 3 p.m. on the Indie Haven Twitch page.

Erica’s not much of a gamer and the fact that she was able to watch me play this game and not be bored out of her mind is proof positive that the methods of storytelling used in both of these titles appeals to a wide audience. She was also able to judge the work on a much different level that I could given her perspective as a Fables fan and comic book expert.

If you played the game and are curious about the lore this game is based on, it's worthwhile to hear her out. I certainly learned about the Fables universe having her on and if you’re curious about learning about more about the universe the characters in The Wolf Among Us inhabit check out the rest of these videos.

The premise of the Wolf Among Us centers around the question "What if characters from fables came into our world?"

It's easy to grasp the basics about Bigby: he's the Sheriff of Fabletown and he used to be the Big Bad Wolf. Often in the game he straddles the line between bad cop and good cop with the choices he makes, which true in both the the comic books and the video game.

What gets lost in the game is context. I'm asked to suspend my disbelief and accept all of the strange things that this world has to offer and sometimes the rules feel inconsistent. Erica confirmed it for me here: the comic books do a much better job of explaining to people Bigby's history and the basis for his powers.

I'm uncomfortable with Snow White and her role in this series. Erica expressed it much better than me in an essay she wrote for Comics Bulletin, which you can find here.

For the most part, her character is consistent with the way Erica describes her. Snow White is a pragmatist and "the brains of the operation." What I didn't like is the way she functions as a cheap prop to elicit emotion from Bigby. That bothered me playing through this the first time and while some parts of her personality are consistent Erica all but confirms for me that she isn't quite the comic book version.

The other tidbit I learned from from Erica are details of Snow’s relationship with Prince Charming. I didn't know about the circumstances surrounding their divorce nor about her sister Rose Red.

Erica describes these two better than me: "They are simply too nice." That remains true in both the comic book and video game versions of The Wolf Among Us.

Though they don't get much attention in the comic books, they play a much larger role in the game. One thing about them that I'm intrigued by is the storyline Erica brought up that involves them stepping into Bigby and Snow White’s roles.

Ichabod is a minor character in the comic books that isn't there for very long and after playing the game, I'm relieved about that.

His role seems a lot larger in the games as he is set up to be the constant tormenter of Snow White. That act grows stale very quickly and my hope is that they reduce his role in later episodes. Erica references the fact that Crane reportedly sexually harasses Snow White. We'll see how that plays out in the games and how they handle it.

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