Serious Issues Part 4 - The First Comic You Fell In Love With

A column article, Serious Issues by: Chris Wunderlich

This week in Serious Issues, we thought we'd present something that might spur your own thoughts. We asked a cross-section of our friends, including industry mainstays Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick, indie comics creators Colleen Frakes, Donna Almendrala and Jen Vaughn, and Comics Bulletin team members Taylor Lilley and Jason Sacks what was the first comic that they fell in love with.

We received a fun and interesting mix of responses - who knew that a Barbie comic would lead to a love for Lady Death, and who would have guessed that Matt Fraction had a deep love for MAD magazine? Jump in on this conversation by sharing your first comic that you fell in love with on the comments thread below.

Community Discussion