Top 10 (or so) Best Graphic Novel Adaptations of Your Favorite Movies

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This has been another huge year for comic book movies, with Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and Man of Steel all dominating at the box office. If the fervor over Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Batman vs. Superman is any indication, it'll be a long time before we're done watching sequential art heroes leap to the big screen. But, which successful film franchises have gone in the opposite direction--and told new and thrilling tales through comics? We pick the 10 best comic books inspired by movies.


2. Star Wars Omnibus: at War with the Empire Volume 1

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Luke Skywalker left Tatooine and kicked off a film franchise that would spawn hundreds of tie-in comics. The Expanded Universe tales were filled with familiar characters and settings from the original trilogy, in addition to introducing new stories from the distant past, the near future and alternate realities. And, almost all of them were better than The Phantom Menace. Search your feelings--you know it to be true.


Usually, winding back time to revisit the salad days of an American icon means either a reboot--or, worse, a remake. But, in 2009, Boom! Studios put out a comic prequel that depicted John McClane as a wisecracking rookie caught in the middle of a hostage situation on the Hudson. The miniseries toned down the action movie spectacle to instead focus on more believable heists, all without losing the charm of the cowboy detective who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. Aliens

Planet LV-426 might be the best place to go for a bug hunt, but it's only a single speck of dust in a whole galaxy of horror. With the help of famous comic book creators including Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola and Peter Milligan, the Alien franchise was able to expand beyond rugged marines and cramped spaceships, incorporating everything from strange experiments to religious debate. Each story told another tale of the mysterious xenomorphs and explored a bit more of the universe that Weyland-Yutani built.

7. 28 Days Later Vol. 1


A month after infection, staying alive is good as it gets. But, as the weeks stack up, things become a lot more complicated. In an attempt to make sense of the zombie outbreak, a team of American journalists recruit Selena, the machete-toting survivor of 28 Days Later, and set off towards London. What results is as frantic and gruesome as its cinematic predecessor, making this ongoing series a must-read for fans wondering what happened to the Manchester Three.

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