Intoxicast #1: The Next Generation...of Video Game Consoles

A column article by: Nick Boisson, Nick Hanover, Dylan Tano


Here at Comics Bulletin, we always enjoy having deep discussions about pop culture and the issues that affect the industries that we hold so dear. Sometimes, we like to drink and argue about things. After doing the latter, we thought it might be a good idea for us to record the arguments that we have about comics, film and games.

Thus, the Intoxicast was born...



On today's Intoxicast, CB Games Section Editor Nick Boisson (that's me), CB Co-Managing Editor Nick Hanover and Staff Writer Dylan Tano discuss the upcoming new generation of consoles following last week's announcement of Microsoft's Xbox One and what we already know about Sony's PlayStation 4.

We were going to talk about the Wii U as well, but... you'll hear what happened.

Listen at the player thingy below (or download the episode here):



Addendum: Microsoft recently announced that the Kinect will no longer be required to use the Xbox One.



On this inaugural episode, we were drinking The Kraken Black Spiced Rum.



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Pop culture geek, Nick Boisson, lives in front of his computer, where he is Section Editor of Comics Bulletin's video game appendage and shares his slushily obsessive love of video games, comics, television and film with the Internet masses. In the physical realm, he just moved to Austin, Texas and is trying to figure out just how many times it is possible to go to the Alamo Drafthouse theatres without seeming too weird.

He rants on about the things he loves (and hates) on Twitter as @nitroslick. You can also find him on Steam, Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Network and Raptr under the name “nitroslick”.

Nick Hanover got his degree from Disneyland, but he's the last of the secret agents and he's your man. Which is to say you can find his particular style of espionage here at Comics Bulletin, where he reigns as the co-managing editor, or at Panel Panopticon, which he started as a joke and now takes semi-seriously. Or if you feel particularly adventurous, you can always witness his odd rants about his potentially psychopathic roommate on twitter @Nick_Hanover and explore the world of his musical alter ego at Fitness and Pontypool.

When Dylan Tano isn't floating amongst the clouds in his beautiful balloon, you can find him up to his ears in work at Comics Bulletin. As a fellow writer once said, if he gets paid in the morning, then he's drunk in the afternoon. He dwells in the realms of video games and comic books, writing about both till he is either drunk or delirious. He has yet to confuse the two but his editors are working on it. If he had it his way, all robots would have pain receptors.

You can follow him on Twitter as @BroSpider. You can join him on PSN at Blues_Doc and Steam at Frostbite21251. You can read some of his musings on Blogger and he keeps a list of short stories on his Tumblr.

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