The Lance Fensterman Interview PART ONE

A column article by: Park Cooper

Lance Fensterman is the guy who makes sure the New York Comic Con runs on time, as well as Book Expo America, which happens yearly, alternating between NYC and L.A. I interviewed him recently about his life and stuff. I kept it informal so as to trick him into giving his opinions about the publishing industry, books, comics, and stuff like that. Let's see if it worked, shall we?

Park Cooper: Hello!

Lance Fensterman: Hey dude. Sorry I'm running late, my internet is sloooooow tonight.

PC: Did you just walk in? Do you need a few minutes to do any further home-arrival activities?

LF: Nah, I'm good. I'm trying to make an iTunes mic for our party in Chicago on Thursday. This is awesome!

PC: Not a big g-chatter, eh?

LF: Not often at all, oddly enough.

PC: But the default is SAVE EVERYTHING ALWAYS FOREVER. It’s the proverbial bomb.

LF: You sir are the proverbial bomb

PC: Because I type so fast? Or because of my use of proverbial?

LF: Many reasons

PC: Are you following me on twitter or something?

LF: Ha!

PC: Or are you referring to my status as head of the fine line of Wicker Man Studios' works

LF: Wicker Man, man about town, twit about the web, all of the above

PC: No seriously I am on twitter... parkcooper

So it looks like I am going to the Book Expo

LF: You do type fast

The show is massive. The problem with the trade publishing biz is that it’s gotten so insular.....

PC: So how long have you been doing this stuff? ...I could just like go find you on linked in but then you couldn't get to inform me... and our studio audience

LF: I was an indy bookseller and took over running BEA 3 years ago almost to the day. I think got a VP title and they gave me a portfolio of all the cool stuff - publishing and pop culture. Three years... sometimes it feels like 3 days. Then again, sometimes it feels like three decades...

I have a conference call at 745, think we can make it?

PC: Uh... we could always come back to each other and continue it later if not? How’s that sound? 

LF: Yes... Don’t mean to rush. I leave for Chicago at 4:30 tomorrow morning then London, so I'm trying to get everything pending done today!

PC: My my. Why must you go to these places? I saw you went to Barthelona too... when you show up do you do a PowerPoint on how there's this great stuff now called the internet and faxing and Skype?

How long do you think the call will last? Can you say whom it's with?

LF: It'll be an hourish....Oddly, I can't say! It's with a big company on the West Coast that we are working on a JV with, so I have signed all kinds of NDA's

PC: What's a JV? I asked my brain but it guessed it's "junior varsity"

LF: Joint Venture..... As for travelling to in-person meetings, I do well when I'm in the room with people. I'm actually very charming!

PC: Dude no lie I was there at Dave and Busters for the NYCC get together, remember

LF: Ha!

PC: I’m good in person but here I am particularly a viking

LF: Viking indeed dude!

PC: So who’re these Reed people you work for, anyway? I gather they do more than put on cons and expoes...?

LF: Reed is a massive company and part of Reed Elsevier. Reed Expo is the event arm of the company. In North America we are about 325 people, but Reed Expo has offices in 40 countries.

PC: Yes but what does the non-event part do? publish things? (I could go review the internets but then you wouldn't get to tell me)

LF: RBI is Reed Business Information, that's the publishing arm. The owned Harcourt (just sold it) but mostly its trade journals. Variety, Publishers Weekly, Plywood today, that kinda crap.

PC: Oh so THAT's the link to Publishers Weekly and so on.

LF: They also won Lexus Nexus and Elsevier of course. However where I work is feels like a small business and even more so because I run my businesses like very small businesses are run, it's great

PC: So okay, more about you. Married? I think everyone should be married, since I like it myself.

LF: Married in deed and 2 cats

PC: Ahhh. How long? The spouse, not the cats

LF: 4 or 5 years. I can't remember!!!

PC: Tch. I hope you brought home flowers...

LF: Hmmmm, I think I did.

PC: So clearly you don't try to give paper on the 1st anniversary and brass on the 2nd or whatever...

LF: Nah, we are pretty non traditional. Plus it was 3 weeks before NYCC.

PC: ooh, I should remind myself what the 10th is; the round numbers are bound to be something good
Okay new question-- musical tastes. What you got for me? Go!

LF: Lots of Minneapolis music. Oddly I am making the C2E2 party playlist.....The replacements, Dillinger Four, Hold Steady, etc, etc

PC: (hmm, 10 is tin or aluminum under the old system, diamond jewelry under the new. how materialistic! I liked last year-- leather.)

LF: ouch

PC: the mats? by which I mean the replacements?

LF: The Mats in deed. Favorite band

PC: Wife is from MN, are you? You do sort of have that look.

LF: Both are. I've been away more than there the last decade or so but the Mrs. has never been away since I dragged her out here

PC: wow. Most Texans think that's like the North Pole.

LF: It kinda is

PC: yeah well. So... I have passed the MN music test thanks to wifey... how about TV? You watch anything? We just swore off of politics for a while, so now we watch nothing. Just anime from Netflix and stuff. Let The Right One In. Which... isn't a show...

My mom loves Big Bang Theory because it reminds her of her son and daughter in law

LF: I watch almost no TV. Don't tell. 30 Rock, Colbert, Simpsons reruns, No Reservations. That's about it!

I tried to watch Big Bang one time and couldn’t do it. I was on a plane and tried to watch and I had to turn away

PC: Too geeky? Too much self-identification? Too much geek stereotype perpetuation?

LF: I really wanted to like it. I'm a geek, I need to see role models on TV, but maybe role models that are given better writing to work with


LF: On a scale of 1-10, probably a 6, but a diverse 6. I'm not crazy in any one area.

PC: Comic book? Do you know what BSG stands for? Tardis? Do you know who N.Tesla is? Hmmmm... Gamer? thac0? keyblade? d20?

LF: Tardis, N Tesla yes, BSG no. 

PC: Me neither! I guessed it was the Big Scary Gnome and I was all set to pitch his adventures when I found out it stood for BattleStar Galactica. I still say there's a place for the Big Scary Gnome in the hearts of readers.

LF: AHHHH, I did know that actually

Theatre, NPR, great non fiction of the last 10 years, etc, that's what I mean by well rounded.

Gamer, yes. Comics, yes. TV pop culture, yes

Also-- Legos! I love ‘em. I won thousands of bucks worth

PC: what did you do to win them

LF: Sorry, own. I own thousands

PC: Awwww I wanted to hear about the big contest where you made a giant set of legos out of regular sized legos in under 12 hours

LF: I wish!!!!

PC: Yeah my life is super fun because I kinda rewrite reality as I go along … today I am realizing that is even more true than I normally realize

LF: That should be on a bumper somewhere

PC: It should be on my bumper, I’m the one saying it. And, like, more importantly, doing it...

Next: The experiment to trick Lance into having an actual interview concludes.


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