Comics You Can Dance To #19: SDCC 2012 with Becky Cloonan/Vera Brosgol/Andy Belanger/Ed Brisson/Jim Zub/Slash

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald


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This week we have a special episode for y'all -- a series of interviews done live at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. It took us a while to get it up, but it's worth the wait. And not at all outdated!

Here's, a rundown of our guests:

Becky Cloonan is one of those artists who I'll buy pretty much anything she puts out. This year she came out with a new minicomic, The Mire (which we loved), and has been doing a few things for DC Comics including Batman #12 and the upcoming Swamp Thing Annual #1. She has a cool jacket.

Vera Brosgol created Anya's Ghost for First Second and is a storyboard artist at Laika Inc., the animation studio that worked on Coraline and Paranorman. Anya's Ghost won an Eisner this year for Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17). She talks softly, but not too softly.

Andy Belanger is the artist of Kill Shakespeare and creator of Black Church, which is a metal-as-fuck minicomic about Vlad the Impaler's lineage, which actually threatens to rival "inspiration for Dracula" in terms of awesomeness, as you'll find out in this interview. Black Church is an awesome comic, and I can tell because that it comes in a record sleeve. He also has a cool hat.

Ed Brisson is a friend of the show and the people on it. We talked to him ten episodes ago, but now SDCC seemed like a good time to check back in with him. He's got his Murder Book stories with various artists appearing in a couple of Image Comics books (including Near Death and Grim Leaper), he letters Prophet, but at SDCC he's announced a time travel/crime comic (I call it "crime travel") with Michael Walsh and Jordie Bellaire called Comeback set to debut in November 2012 from Image/Shadowline. He is the friendliest dude.

Jim Zub is the creator of Skullkickers, a seriously fun action/adventure/comedy/fantasy comics about guys who kick skulls. September 26, 2012 brings Skullkickers #18, which is another "Tavern Tales" issue featuring stories by a variety of comics' coolest talent. If there's one thing we learn from this interview, it turns out that the one thing people like more than Skullkickers is cute little kittens:



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Show Notes:


  • During the Becky Cloonan interview we didn't realize there was a Brazilian film crew talking to the adjacent Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon as Nate and I were asking questions very loudly. Sorry, Brazilian film crew!
  • At some point while hanging out with Becky Cloonan, Felipe Smith showed up and told us about how grueling and health-threatening the life of a manga-ka is. Shit's crazy.
  • The First Second Books booth had some nice AstroTurf-ish carpeting over the regular unyielding convention floor, so anyone who has to stand up a bunch at any comic convention should be very jealous.
  • The man who antagonizes Vera Brosgol during her interview is Level Up artist Thien Pham.
  • I'd like to point out the moment before the Andy Belanger interview where Nate says, "Sorry Andy, you're marvelous." I just think it's funny.
  • Oh, go listen to Nate talk to Scott Aukerman on Paranoid Video.
  • The best lesson from talking to Ed Brisson: get your pitch right. No matter how awesome your book is, you gotta convince somebody it's worth publishing.
  • A new addition to Comics You Can Drink To: take a drink every time I step on Nate's joke or derail the conversation with something stupid, then get your stomach pumped.




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As for the rest… click on the links to check out the artists and/or full versions of the songs. There were a lot of songs in this one.


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