Social Link #3: Jason Rohrer's Farming Simulator 2012

A column article by: Arden Kehoe, Alex D. Jones, Justin Hutchison, Michael Lavelle

Social Link is Infinite Ammo’s gaming podcast, offering insight and poorly timed jokes.

After an unfortunate absence, we’ve got Alex back on the podcast, and we’re much better for it. No one can make metaphors for bad game design quite as well as he can. Luckily, Justin’s been playing some awful games this week, so Alex can showcase his skills. Will, our editor, joins us in a silent capacity.

Topics on the docket include the Big Boss butt-rendering capabilities of Konami’s Fox Engine; Steam Greenlight’s merits, faults, and goofiness; avoidance of the next Final Fantasy XIII game; and the prevalence of trance in Agricultural Simulator 2012.

Expect to see us on iTunes soon!

Intro Music: "Intro" by Slime Girls
Outro Music: "Who Just Walked In The Room" by Fatal Labyrinth (Justin Hutchison)
???: “Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version)” by Domino, from The Best of Eurobeat Disney ~Non-Stop Megamix~

You can listen to the episode at the player below or download it here



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The Sea Will Claim Everything by JonasKyratzes

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