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A column article by: Ace Masters


Hello All,

Anyone who has read this column knows I have a penchant for dynamic intros, then hit you hard with the subject. Well, this time I am going straight to the subject:

This is the final Burning Mind column.

I want to thank Jason Brice for first bringing me onboard years ago. Second, I want to thank Jason Sacks for keeping the Burning Mind going after he took over the reins.

I also want to thank everyone who has edited this column in the past. And a special thanks to Andrew Tan, who has edited the Burning Mind for the last six months.

My relationship with Comics Bulletin goes back to around 2005, when it was still Silver Bullet Comics. It started with Brice and SBC giving my titles coverage and reviews (good ones if I may say). After I had to suspend my publishing endeavors, my relationship with SBC/CB evolved into the Burning Mind.

Over the lifetime of the Burning Mind, I have covered a gambit of subjects. While the focus has been on the creation of comics, I have also written reviews, opinions and a number of rants – not always to everyone’s liking.

Through all of it, there has been two points to the Burning Mind: 1) The love of comics, 2) discussing and promoting comics (mainstream and “art” comics) as serious and legitimate art and literature.

Those points are why I have ranted on and called out some factions of the comic book fan base for empowering (and sometimes embracing) the negative stereotypes associated with comic books.

All that said, is this the end of the Burning Mind? Who knows. It may continue in some way in the future. For now I am moving my focus full time to other projects – comic books, novels, and polishing up a number of screenplays, as I plan on making a big push at this year’s AFM – the first time I will be attending.

My relationship with CB is not severed. I will still be writing reviews and probably an occasional article or two. There may even be a special Burning Mind piece now and then.

If anyone wishes, they can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I plan to be more active on both sites in the future.

For now, I will end the Burning Mind with this Burning Comment:

I have no problem with telling people I read comic books. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem, not mine.


Ace Masters

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