WLG #379: DC #1s and Beyond!

A column article by: Brandon Billups

EDITOR'S NOTE: After a long night of strong debate, the Comics Bulletin Editorial Staff finally decided that Kyle Garret and Brandon Billups would be joining veteran writer Matt Spatola to create the newest version of the three-headed beast that brings you What Looks Good!

Brandon's up this week and Matt returns next time. Be a darling and stop by the message boards to wish them the best!

Monday to Sunday: it’s all we’ve got. Monday through Sunday you work and play until you die, unless you’re me, because I’m going to live forever. Anyway, let’s make sure that for at least the next seven days, when you decide to sit down with some comics, whether to relax or engage, you’re doin' it right. Sound good? Let’s go.

Until it’s over we might as well address DC’s new #1s for the week first. If you want a comprehensive list of which #1s are hitting shelves Wednesday, click this magic link to DC's website and check out the 21st. But how do you make a decision when you’re on a budget and there are so many and you’re not on the right medication to make consumer decisions without becoming manic?!

That’s what I’m here for, so sit back down.

Batman #1

I typically don’t follow Batman and the Bat-family unless Grant Morrison is involved, but Snyder’s Swamp Thing #1 was awesome. And since I’m into Batwing (please don’t get canceled), and hoping Batwoman (queue J.H. Williams III art drooling) is going to be awesome, I want to follow at least one Batman book featuring Batman, and I’ve heard this is the preferable one to 'Tec, so here goes nothing.'

DCU Presents #1

Boston Brand! Deadman is cool as hell and never gets the attention he deserves. Paul Jenkins writing and Bernard Chang on art both seem appropriate, but it’ll remain to be seen where the story goes.

Personally I’m looking more forward to his appearance in Justice League: Dark, since I feel it’s the corner of the DCU that suits him best, but any new Deadman is good Deadman.

Wonder Woman #1
Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Azzarello and Chiang! Pants or No Pants! Can Azz write Wonder Woman? He had a good run on Batman, a semi-flop on Superman (I personally liked it) and gets tons of love for 100 Bullets, but Wonder Woman?

Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool said it was the #1 book to look forward to in the relaunch. I’m really just in it for the pants controversy.

That’s all I’m into for DC this week, but last month I went to a comic shop and they had some stuff that looked like it was from other publishers. Some of them weren’t even about dudes in capes. I wonder what they’ve been up to.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2
Written by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz
Layouts by Kevin Eastman
Art by Dan Duncan

Okay, so they’re still sorta superheroes, but a shell is not a cape. I’m so glad IDW is publishing this, and that Eastman is writing and doing layouts. I grew up with the Ninja Turtles cartoons, and being able to get this close to the Eastman and Laird "source" on a monthly basis is awesome.

This is a totally new continuity for the Turtles, and the first issue was great, alternating between the Mutant Turtles in the present and the lower-case turtles in the past, introducing an odd iteration of Krang as well as April O’Neil. The second issue should continue the goodness. This one is gonna be available in roughly 45 different covers, and the Eastman one is the coolest, but it's an incentive cover.


Daredevil #4
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Marcos Martin

As a lapsed comics fan just getting back into the swing of things, I haven’t mussed much with Fear Itself. If you’re reading it, you either like it or don’t, and if you read the tie-ins you either like them or you get paid too much.

But as someone trying to jump back in, Daredevil has been a kindly treat. Waid, who I think is a brilliant writer when he’s on and a little mundane when he’s off, is definitely hitting his stride on this. Maros Martin has a good grasp of how to visually represent Daredevil’s blindness for the reader, which is always nice.

Though it’s not coming out this week, it seems worth mentioning that I feel similarly about the new Punisher series. It’s good.

X-Men Schism #4
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Alan Davis

The comics I grew up with, the ones that got me addicted, were X-Men through and through. DC seemed boring or typical, and something about them being 'born different' appealed to me as a kid who always felt weird for no real reason. I still have special memories (not that kind) of "Age of Apocalypse" and Generation X. I’ve been loath to get back into them though, because there are always so many titles and they always seem to be mid-event.

Then I heard Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega, introduced in Morrison’s run on New X-Men, was making a return for Schism. I liked this character so much I paid someone to print me a red MAGNETO WAS RIGHT shirt identical to the one he wore in the issues. So I picked up the three back issues last week, read them giddily, and now I can’t wait for #4. Jason Aaron is such a strong writer it’s embarrassing to people like me, so I’ve got big hopes pinned to this one.

That’s it for me this week! Just want to add that if you don’t watch the premiere of Parks and Recreation this Thursday, you’re not invited to read my next column!

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