WLG #414: SDCC and Beyond!

A column article by: Zoe Wadsworth

Well another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. And as usual I was unable to attend, instead just making do by scouring the news sites for all the latest updates, rumors, announcements and cosplay horror stories.

And there has been so much news coming from this year’s con. Right off the top of my head I’m guessing that the announcement of a new Sandman book by Neil Gaiman and with art by JH Williams was probably the big surprise of the show.

But there was plenty more to take in. So in honor of SDCC my picks for this week’s What Looks Good all have ties to some announcement or news coming out of this weekend’s con. So let’s go and see the comics shipping this week that I think are What Looks Good.


Simpsons Comics #192 $2.99 (Chuck Dixon & John Delaney)

“After a school prank gone bad, Bart is afraid to face the consequences or his parents, so he and Milhouse stowaway on Captain McCallister's boat and set sail for exotic ports. However, an adventure on the high seas is not everything it is cracked up to be. Oh, did we mention the mutiny?”

At SDCC Comixology and Bongo announced a Simpsons Comics app will now be available on iTunes enabling the reader access to the almost 20 years worth of Simpson comics material that Bongo has been publishing. At first there will be only 20 or so comics available with more added every week. Also Bongo seems to be going against the publishing tide and won’t be doing same day digital but will be waiting a month before uploading their newest releases.



The Spider #3 $3.99 (David Liss & Colton Worley)

“Lines have been drawn and sides have been chosen, and now the battle begins in earnest. As Anput continues her assault against New York, turning innocent citizens into zombies, the Spider desperately searches for the means to stop her. The truth, however, may lead to the Spider's own past. The stakes will rise beyond belief as the 21st century rebirth of the Spider deals out mayhem and destruction of the most pulptastic kind.”

In November Dynamite will publish the first meeting of its popular line of pulp characters like The Spider, The Shadow and The Green Hornet and Kato with others like Zorro and even the Lone Ranger into the biggest crossover involving pulp characters of all time. Masks will be written by Chris Roberson and the first issue will feature fully painted interior pages by superstar Alex Ross. This will be the first full interior work Ross has done in years.


Avengers vs. X-Men #8 of 12 $3.99 (Jonathan Hickman & Olivier Coipel)

“ Last stand in Wakanda as an out-of-control Namor invades this sovereign nation in pursuit of the Avengers! And a shocking truth stands revealed that may cause fractures in the X-Men's alliance!”

Marvel’s following their typical publishing plan when this series ends. They announced several tie-in projects supporting AvX. The one I’m most interested in is AvX: Consequences, a 5 part weekly miniseries that will be coming out in October. All the issues will be written by Kieron Gillen but drawn by different artists.

Marvel also announced an AvX: A + X book which even though will be written by Jeph Loeb has me at least very intrigued.

Journey into Mystery #641 $2.99 (Kieron Gillen & Carmine Di Giandomenico)

“Loki brings peace to the Otherworld. But is it a peace that anyone can live with? The secret origin of the Manchester Gods revealed. And what did Hela want the Holy Grail for?”

Ok this one is a little bit of a reach but here it goes. Marvel Studios announced that, yes indeed, they are releasing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014 as well as the newly titled sequel film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And here’s the reach- Marvel also stated that the official title for the Thor sequel will be Thor: The Dark World. There you go.

Well that wraps up my SDCC tie-in column. I hope you liked my picks. If you also get a chance take a look at some of these books:  Catwoman #11, Untold Tales of PunisherMAX #2, Saga #5, Secret Service #3 and X-O Manowar #2.  These are all great reads.

Thanks for coming by. Please feel free to comment below on my picks or even your own.

See you in 2!

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