The Generational Equivalent of a Fart in an Elevator

A column article, Paranoid Video by: Dylan Garsee, Nick Hanover


No longer content to merely review television through the creative use of Friskies gifs and awkward jokes, Dylan Garsee and Nick Hanover have moved on to the internet airwaves, co-hosting CB's own entertainment podcast, Paranoid Video.

Paranoid Video Episode 1.10-

"The Generational Equivalent of a Fart in an Elevator"

It's Thursday again, which means Dylan and Nick have probably found something new to be all cranky about. Actually, this week the boys are pretty cool and collected, beginning the podcast, as per usual, with a discussion of what's going on in the world of entertainment news. And from there, they delve into the first half of the tv output for the year with Part One of the Best of Television 2012 (Part Two to come in December, of course). But because no one likes an all happy podcast, they end the episode with a round-up of the Worst of Television 2012. You may be surprised with the results in that area, though. As always, you can listen to the episode at the player below or download it here

The entertainment news portion of the episode starts at 5:44 and ends at 20:19, with stories on Newsroom and The Office's wacky casting hijinks as well as a brief farewell to Andy Griffith, who passed away this week at 86.

The resemblance is uncanny!

Unfortunately we couldn't find images of that Spider-Man manga Nick mentioned, but if you know about it and want to help us track it down, let us know in the comments. In the meantime, here are those images Dylan was talking about that Nick trolled his facebook wall with:


The Best of Television 2012 Pt. 1 followed, beginning at 20:49 and ending at 62:29

And the Worst of Television 2012 Pt. 1 kicked off at 62:59


The theme song and namesake for the show is Total Control's excellent "Paranoid Video". The bumper music this week was Final Edition's "I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)", CFCF's remix of HEALTH's "Triceratops," and Quakers' "Something Beautiful," respectively.

And in case you want to know what they look like, here are some visual representations of Nick and Dylan, courtesy of Emily Marie Palmer:

Dylan Garsee is a freelance writer/bingo enthusiast currently living in Austin, TX. He is studying sociology, and when he's not winning trivia nights at pork-themed restaurants, writing a collection of essays on the gay perspective in geek culture. An avid record collector, Dylan can mostly be seen at Waterloo Records, holding that one God Speed You! Black Emperor record he can't afford and crying. You can follow him on twitter @garseed.

When he's not writing about the cape and spandex set and functioning as the Co-Managing Editor of Comics Bulletin, Nick Hanover is a book, film and music critic for Spectrum Culture and has contributed to No Tofu Magazine, Performer Magazine, Port City Lights and various other international publications. By which he means Canadian rags you have no reason to know anything about. He also translates for "Partytime" Lukash's Panel Panopticoand you can follow him on twitter @Nick_Hanover

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