Countdown Breakdown #21

A column article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox by: John Hays

Granny Goodness. You can see for yourself the basics of her backstory in this issue, but here are a few tidbits might have been neglected. Granny enjoys using mind control and torture to augment her subjects. In both comics and cartoons, she has done this to Superman to bring him under Darkseid’s thrall.

In the Elseworlds tale, Superman: Dark Side, a baby Kal-El actually lands on Apokolips instead of Earth, and Granny raises him to be an elite soldier. Of course, once they try to take over the Earth, Kal learns the error of his ways and becomes Superman.

In Superman: The Animated Series as well as JLU, Granny was actually voiced by Ed Asner. Think about that. That gives you some idea how hard Granny is. Granny raised Scott Free, but he became the first person to ever escape her clutches. What amazes me in this issue is that she was once attractive. I guess I’ve always assumed that she would have looked as mean young as she does old. Live and learn.

The series is starting to pick up speed, but it’s not adding many new characters, so the breakdowns are getting shorter. If there’s any other aspect of what’s going on that you’d like me to cover, let me know! Until then, stay warm and stay healthy! Later kids!

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