A State of the Burning Mind Address, Plus a brief Production Diary August 2011 A State of the Burning Mind Address

A column article by: Ace Masters

Hello, I’m Ace Masters. Remember me? I’m the guy who hasn’t had a column go up on Comics Bulletin in almost a month.

Did you miss me?

Probably not . . . sometimes I think the Burning Mind’s editor, Barb Caffrey, and Comics Bulletin’s esteemed owner, Jason Sacks, are the only people who read this thing!

OK, an explanation is due as to why there has been no column for quite some time; I’ll keep this brief. The main reason is, I didn’t write any.

Now there is a reason why I didn’t write any. Trust me, it's good. (Actually, on second thought, it wasn’t good.)

Over the second half of July, a rather nasty health issue landed me in the emergency room, then in the hospital for a few days. Let’s just say I had a severe reaction to something I ate that resulted in both of my feet swelling up badly, causing lots of pain. Due to the swelling and pain, I couldn’t walk for two or three days. This happened just in time for my birthday.

I’m fine now. Thanks.

Fortunately, everything is back on track, except for the Burning Mind. My column has suffered quite a bit recently.

So, I hereby announce that starting with this column of the Burning Mind I will be going weekly with the column for the near future. At some point I foresee the Burning Mind returning to its original bi-weekly schedule, but I will keep it weekly for as long as my schedule allows.

To that end, I want to lay out how the column will be set up. For the last few months I have been focusing on the business aspect of comic book publishing, which will continue. Some months ago I posted a Production Diary covering projects of mine in a cheap plug. I have also written rants and general opinion pieces. All of these will continue in the planned weekly format.

The new weekly format will see a mix of the above-mentioned pieces. Business aspect columns will continue on a bi-weekly basis, with rant, general opinion and/or observation columns coming in between the business aspect columns. I will also write monthly Production Diary columns, which at times will probably supplant the rant, general opinion and/or observation Columns. The Business Aspect columns will remain untouched.

My purpose in writing the Production Diary columns isn’t just to promote and discuss my projects, but to hopefully, in some small way, show how I will try and implement what I cover in the business aspect columns.

In the past I have also turned in some rather short columns. This will no longer be the case. All columns will be a minimum of five-hundred (500) words in the future, to a maximum of twelve-hundred (1,200) words. Columns longer then twelve-hundred will be split up into two or more columns. The only columns for which this might be a problem will be the business aspect columns.

There you have it, tonight's 500-plus word State of the Burning Mind address . . . now, to write the next column.

See you next Wednesday,


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