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A column article, Shot For Shot by: Felicity Gustafson , Nick Hanover
Our group of misfits learn why tattoo's are B-A-D and peanut allergies are worse all while Alisha and Super Hoodie get cozy. There's also some hot Nathan on Simon action and some not so hot Nathan on Kelly action but that's all dwarved by the Super Hoodie reveal anyway, innit?

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Felicity Gustafson: I realize that when I missed the last couple of episodes of Misfits, I'd be missing the start of the new season. I didn't realize the show would change so abruptly. New agenda, new characters, more character development, and I can actually say that I didn't guess Nathan's power. Now that I know, it's a little obvious. Your earlier comments about the second season starting up with a prolonged plot line is making more sense as well. They definitely changed a few things around. I think I like it. I'm still not one hundred percent sure, but I like how the first three episodes have gone so far.

Nick Hanover: That's kind of the beauty of Nathan's power, for me. It makes so much sense after it's been revealed but it's not a very common "ability" (except for Resurrection Man, I guess) so it's not something that you'd predict, unlike telepathy or time travel or invisibility. I mean, how would you even test that anyway? We got to see Nathan "try" all kinds of other abilities so of course his immortality is logical from that standpoint, because it's not something he would have stumbled across otherwise.

Last week Paul and I spoke about that ongoing plot and how the Super Hoodie stuff is so much more interesting than the specific A Plots of the episodes. I think that's especially true here, where we get this massive reveal about Super Hoodie but it comes amidst this kind of asinine tattoo artist story.

Felicity: Super Hoodie also fits the Misfits in the way that he's obviously a kickass character, but he runs around the neighborhood in bike pads, a hoodie and whatever else he can throw together to make a cool looking outfit. He doesn't have a professional looking outfit, but still manages to look like an intimidating character in a mask. He just seems like a misfit.

Nick: Right, Misfits isn't a "realistic" show but its treatment of characters is realistic, from how they dress to what they perceive as "cool." That's why the bit in episode two where Curtis gets a glimpse of the future and he's wearing a costume was such a brilliant tease.

Felicity: I did think the future with Curtis was well thought out. Not only did they pull another beginning and end point, but they introduced a new character seamlessly into the mix. Curtis’s costume wasn’t as good looking as Simon’s, but then again Simon seems to take everything more seriously than everyone else so it doesn’t surprise me that his costume was better. Even if it was just a hoodie and mask with bike pads.

Felicity: I do have to admit that I love the idea of a tattoo power. The parts with the barbed wire around Simon's neck and the knife sinking into Curtis's stomach made me think about how it's almost a cross between telekinesis and telepathy. Vince could both control people emotions and thoughts (like with the hearts) while at the same time being able to cause them physical harm. It's a pretty cool power. Though I could never imagine tattooing my privates, sorry.

Nick: I think it is an interesting power but it was a bit muted in the episode. It was turned into something a little sillier than I think it could have been. In a way it's a flip of this season's climactic episode and once you've seen that you'll see what I mean, I think.

Felicity: You are right, it was muted in the episode. They could’ve made it into something so much more intriguing. As it was, it was just the silly little side story to go along with the more epic plot line.

That said, the way they used the theme of something very small toppling a powerful person in this episode was brilliant. All because of peanuts. It was a little like David and Goliath, except with a tattoo artist and peanuts. Which of course made it better. I mean, Vince had already subverted two of their group. If it hadn't have been for the tip about the peanuts, I don't really see how they could've won that one without some bloodshed.

Nick: See, the peanuts didn't work as much for me, maybe because of Simon's goofy ass face when he threw them at him. Still, you're exactly right about the bloodshed and how badly it could have gone. Even though season one ended by showing us that Nathan can come away from anything, it also upped the ante and made it clear that Bad Things can and will indeed be happening to our misfits.

Feliciy: Bad Things indeed. Since I haven’t seen any of the future episodes yet, I’m just speculating, but with Simon mentioning that Alisha’s powers didn’t work on him, it makes me wonder if they’re all stripped of their powers in the future? Or, well, I guess since Simon was able to time travel, they couldn’t have all been stripped. It could have possible been some time/space thing too. I don’t know. It just got me wondering. Guess I’ll just have to watch more. Do they answer that in season two or do we have to wait for season three?

Nick: I'm keeping silent here. You'll find out soon enough.

Felicity: Simon... well, Simon has a few new changes, doesn't he? Most series that involve superpowers usually end up with alternate time lines or realities, so it's not really much of a surprise that Misfits is following along that path. Honestly though, I figured Curtis would be the one from the future. It just fits more with his powers.

Nick: Misfits is excellent about leading viewers to believe one thing while building up something else. In this case, Curtis' abilities would seem to be a natural fit for Super Hoodie, but that would have been the easy solution. Instead we get Simon's future self being unveiled and as well as being a twist it also works as character development: we know what Simon will one day become, the question is now what causes him to reach that potential.

Nick: Paul and I were also talking about the slow shift of focus away from Nathan to Simon and how that forced the show to make Simon more palatable. As someone new to this show, what do you think about that shift?

Felicity: Well, I suppose it's too much of a cop out for me to say I both like and dislike the shift. I originally found Simon so interesting because he was different. He wasn't the perfect, strong hero type, which is what he seems to have changed into in the future. Now he's got more muscles, apparently he's not awkward around women anymore and he's got that brooding, serious type of look. He brooded and was serious before, but it was always lined with that 'weird kid' vibe that made it lovable. Now he's shifted more towards a Mary Sue, or whatever the male version's called. I like the change because it gives the audience a beginning and end point, but how he changed so much is still a mystery. This episode dealt more with the future-Simon than the present-Simon and I felt myself missing the awkward, weird kid a lot. He still manages to be their pseudo leader even though everyone runs all over him. I guess I'm still on the fence about the issue. I need to see more future-Simon to be able to make a decision.

Nick: The appeal for me is that we get to see Simon's entire heroic path in a unique way. Like Peter Parker he begins as this nebbish, withdrawn guy and we don't know he becomes this confident, cool leader. The way the show takes this standard heroic path and fractures it, giving us the beginning and the ending and having that frame the middle is such a simple but effective technique.

Felicity: I still don't like Alisha. My stance has softened slightly, but I'm still not a fan of her character and the last couple episodes seem to have revolved mostly around Alisha, Simon and Nathan. I feel like the shift between her disliking Simon and then falling for future-Simon was done too quickly. I know Misfits is all about fast pacing, but that just left a bad taste in my mouth. Feels more like Alisha's just attention starved and would go for anyone, rather than actually liking Simon.

Nick: Why you such a hater, Felicity? Really though, I agree that Alisha is one of the weaker characters on the show, but just trust me when I say that as much as this season is about Simon coming into his own it's also about Alisha really maturing and developing as a character. In a way she becomes Simon's guide, since she knows his future but he doesn't.

Felicity: Haha, yeah, I guess I am. She just feels like a shallow character and I don’t think that fits well with the rest of the misfits. I’m sensitive to the idiotic way women are pictured on TV nowadays. There’s always that one girl without a thought in her head beyond being the pretty slut who pretends to have added depth. I suppose it doesn’t help that her power is based on sex either. I am interested in seeing her mature in future episodes though, so maybe I’ll grow to like her. As it is, she still seems… off. Maybe you’re right; maybe it is that she’s just a weak character. Having her become Simon’s guide would be intriguing.

Nick: The thing is I don't think Alisha is really a slut, she's more of a tease, isn't she? She's not going around sleeping with a bunch of people. In fact, at the moment, she's really only sleeping with one and masturbating in front of another. Admittedly, I have no idea what you'd call that.

Felicity: Simon and Nathan are an obvious win, though. I did enjoy the latest episode greatly with Nathan fawning all over Simon like a little girl with her first crush. It was obviously something magically done, but it was still hilarious. Poor Simon's face when he realized he was being seduced was priceless. It's like the writers decided everything was a little too serious and threw in some slaphappy comedy.

Nick: Overman and company are great about injecting just the right amount of humor into episodes without it getting ridiculous or in the way. Of course a large part of that is because of Nathan's character and of course Robert Sheehan's excellent portrayal of the character. So with Robert Sheehan exiting the show it does beg the question of how that aspect of the show will work in season 3.

Felicity: I'm still not sure how I feel about the Nathan/Kelly relationship. On some level, I'm actually happy that it died before it got a chance because I suspect it would've taken over a few episodes with random drama and I don't really see Nathan as a character that could regularly talk about his feelings. I like him as the honest prick. It suits him. The fact that I know he's leaving makes me want season two to not end.

Nick: Misfits has a rough road ahead of it for season 3, and not just because of Sheehan's departure. But enough teasing at spoilers, let's rate this thing.

Final Score:

Felicity: .

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