Call Me Dwight Schrute, the Way That I Eat Beats

A column article, Paranoid Video by: Dylan Garsee, Nick Hanover


No longer content to merely review television through the creative use of Friskies gifs and awkward jokes, Dylan Garsee and Nick Hanover have moved on to the internet airwaves, co-hosting CB's own television podcast, Paranoid Video.

Paranoid Video Episode 1.03- "Call Me Dwight Schrute, the Way That I Eat Beats"

Paranoid Video, Comics Bulletin's own "serious discussion" program about television, is back with episode three. This week, Dylan and Nick discuss the television news of the week, including The Office's terrible ratings and its potential reboot, review the awkwardly titled Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 and from there launch into a conversation about midseason replacements. As always, you can listen to the episode at the player below or download it here

Television news is first, and starts at 1:51 and ends at 20:11.


Dylan and Nick's review of the pilot episode of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 follows. That conversation starts at 21:04 and ends at 38:09.



And the final subject of the day is midseason replacements: love them or hate them, which prompts the requisite Office and Big Bang Theory bashing, culminating in Nick's theory that The Big Bang Theory's ratings increases are the Doomsday Clock of television and will only lead to the Idiocracification of our culture. That conversation starts at 38:49.


We had fun with this third podcast, especially the introduction of news. What did you all think, though? Let us know in the comments.

The theme song and namesake for the show is Total Control's excellent "Paranoid Video". The bumper music this week featured a sly dig at Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23's stupid title, and then a track that's just awesome. And the Das Racist song Nick references and samples is "Hahahaha jk?" the full version of which you can hear here.


fIREHOSE- "Sophisticated Bitch [Live]" (Public Enemy cover)

Hunx- "Do You Remember Being a Roller"


And in case you forgot what they look like, here are some visual representations of Nick and Dylan:

Nick Hanover: Co-Managing Editor of Comics Bulletin, Frequent Cleaner of Glasses

Dylan Garsee: Senior TV Correspondent, Owner of World's Greatest Tupac Ensemble

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