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A column article, Mission: Professional by: Steven Savage

As the new guy at Comics Bulletin, I figured I'd introduce myself before I jump into producing columns. I'm thrilled to be here, and want to thank Jason for inviting me on board.

I'm Steve Savage, and I'm a Geek 2.0 - a professional geek. I'm one of those people who figured he should turn his hobbies and interests - computers and media and the like - into his career of sixteen years and counting. No one really ever told me not to, to be honest, which is almost certainly a case of my life being influenced by the best advice I'd never gotten.

Plenty of us get told our hobbies, geekness, and interests will never amount to a career. Me, I think that's a load of B.S. My hobby (beyond comics, anime, video games and other geeky pursuits) is writing, speaking, and blogging on geeky careers - and how people turn their hobbies into jobs, professions, and lifestyles.

It's something of a personal crusade. At this point you can guess what Mission: Professional is going to be about; our careers and our hobbies, about possibilities in the industries we love (comics, animation, and media in this case), and more. I'll look at professions and education, trends and potentials, and of course speculation on the industry of comics, manga, and more.

We spend our days and weeks and years pursuing our interests, from comics to games to computers. We learn things, meet amazing people, do incredible things. What we rarely get is the support we need to turn our interests into careers or in service of our professions, or we get the wrong support.

There are many ways we end up defeated in our quest for That Geeky Career.

Sometimes we get told we can't turn our hobbies into jobs because . . . well just because. It seems that there's some kind of block people get that hobbies, no matter what, just can't become careers. You could desperately, passionately love accounting and someone will tell you to get practical and become a voice actor.

Other times we get told no one can turn their passion into a career, it's too hard and just impossible. This tends to ignore the people who have actually done it one way or another, be they famous or obscure. It may not be easy, but people do it.

We might have support in our goals and our passions, but lack the information, knowledge, and education we need. Classes, books, and online resources to support our dreams require a lot of effort to find and more to sort through. There's rarely a clear guide to follow - but there's often a lot of confusion and bad information.

Worst, and most insidiously, we fall into the deadly trap of the must-do-job. We may be encouraged to pursue that magical hobby-career transformation, but are only encouraged to do so in a limited way. We are told a lover of comics should write or illustrate, a musician should work on stage, etc. We are not only blinkered in our options (and thus increase our chances of failure), and forget the many ways what we love can become what we do for a living.

All of this challenges us, on top of the fact that we've got a changing world economy, rapidly developing technology, and a much, much smaller world.

So, together, in columns to come, let's explore career options and ideas, discuss ways to stay rallied and enthused, and look at cool ideas and neat concepts that might just lead to success.

I'm glad to come on board.

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