Kickstarter Seeks to Celebrate the Music of Video Games

A column article by: Kevin Hummons


With the help of the gaming community, a recent Kickstarter seeks to celebrate the music that narrates our adventures with a site solely dedicated to collecting interviews, samples and even albums from some of the most talented video game musicians from both east and west. The Kickstarter ends tonight and as of the time of this writing is about $3,000 away from its goal. It’s rather unfortunate that such wonderful ideas could go by the wayside, so we’re urging all who can to donate!  And as with just about all Kickstarters the pay-off to contributors goes beyond just good vibes.

The Nubuwo Kickstarter also comes with bundle of original soundtracks and video game inspired tunes for those willing to pledge at least $6. A pledge of $6 or more lands you a choice of either the Vocal Pack or the Instrumental Pack. The Vocal Pack includes some video game inspired tunes and the Melolune soundtrack all including singing and rapping. The Instrumental Pack includes original soundtracks from ilomilo, The Binding of Isaac, The Wrath of the Lamb, Bit Pilot and NightSky among many others. What’s even more exciting is a pledge of $9 or more lands you the both packs!

 Now if you’ve yet to have the joy of these soundtracks you’re missing out. Perhaps most diverse of all is the Vocal Pack, two personal favorites being Melolune by Laura Shigihara and Forever Famicom by Mega Ran & K-Murdock. Melolune is the first part of an original soundtrack to an RPG developed by the composer of Plants vs. Zombies. Melolune is just sweeping and charming in a very classic RPG way. Forever Famicom is one of the two hip-hop albums in the bundle and uses video games samples as the tracks that are rapped over. Not often does this schtick work but in this case it actually all flows perfectly, the rapping is interesting and attention getting without being too serious or too silly.

The other pack, the Instrumental Pack, is probably the one that will be familiar to most as it contains most of the soundtracks in the full bundle. Soundtracks like The Binding of Isaac and NightSky have already established themselves deep into the craniums of their respective fanbases but the awesome beats of FirstCrush (the soundtrack for Bit Pilot) might be new to some and are definitely a treat. A personal favorite of this bundle is the bouncy and smile inducing ilonilo by Danieal Olsen which has a sickeningly sweet folk charm to it that can’t be beat.

This is a slice of the great stuff Nubuwo is offering its backers and it’s a wonderful project to back. A central news hub for the east and west to come together and discuss video game music both new and old, indie and mainstream is a long overdue resource. And when most of these albums cost $10 digitally (if they’re available at all) it’s difficult to argue that we aren’t all getting our money’s worth. Music is one of the fine pieces of art that unites us and video games bind us even tighter. What a wonderful thing it would be to see the community push this wonderful new resource to broaden the two mediums.

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