Comics Interest And Careers: Self-Image

A column article, Mission: Professional by: Steven Savage

So, you're going to leverage your comics interest in your career. You want to do it, perhaps to use your skills, or you want to stand out, or you just want to be honest.

Now let's face it, you're worried about looking like a giant nerd - unless of course that's a career advantage. In that case go for it, wear your Deadpool-rides-Pinkie Pie t-shirt to the interview, and enjoy.

On the other hand, you're probably asking how you pitch your comics interests in your interviews, with clients, when it's not exactly related to your career. The question is what kind of comics geek are you?

Each type gives you a different advantage - and many of us fit more than one category. Here's the kind of comics enthusiasts I've seen - and the advantages each has in career search. Some of these are specific - some more generic, but you'll probably recognize yourself in here.

Geek Evolved: 
Pretty much this is me. I acknowledge being a huge geek, but play up the fact that growth and development, of leveraging my geekery are part of my life. I happily acknowledge my work here to show I like to write and think on careers, my interest in the larger Geekonomy to show my news-awareness, and throw in some uninhibitedness about my sheer nerviness to show I'm not cowed.

Geek Chic: 
Comics are hot these days. Captain AmericaThor, they're all hits. Smallville made Superman angsty-cool.The Walking Dead is shambling into fan love. Geeks are chic.

If you're this kind of hip geek, big on culture awareness and the cutting edge, you can show how you "get" what's cool and you're culturally aware.

This can risk coming off as arrogant, but also can help communicate your savvy.

I Can Relax: 
Almost the inversion of the first two tactics, you may be into comics as a way to relax - so use that.

Guess what? You can chill, and in discussing your hobbies you can show you relax by doing cons, or doing webcomic, or whatever. It shows you've got a life and can relax and won't burn out as easy.

Creative Drive: 
If you're the creative type, your comics and related interest probably showcase this. If you're applying for a creative job, this is a great subject to bring up to show creativity is something you do 24/7.

Creativity is something everyone talks about, but there's more talking than creating. If you show creative interests, it shows your creativity is for real.

Culture Buff: 
Your interest in comics and related may be historical - you're fascinated by the traditions, characters, publishing methods, oddball stories, etc. Comics has a lot of history.

If you're this type of enthusiast, almost a kind of academic, then you've got an advantage in showing off your skills at research, historical knowledge, and interesting knowledge of trivia. You come off as both intelligent, research-oriented, and perhaps enjoyably quirky.

There's no reason to hide your comics enthusiasm - instead diagnose the kind of fan/enthusiast you are and figure out how you can leverage it...

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