Top 10 Weapons In Comics

A column article, Top Ten by: Justin Jude Carmona

Ever wonder where a Viking warrior would have been without his trusty battle axe to thrust deep into the skulls of oncoming opponents? How effective of an assassin would a Ninja have been without his silent, but deadly shuriken to help him quietly kill from a distance? Well, sometimes comic book heroes and villains rely on weaponry just as much as ancient warriors did to help get the job done. 

Some weapons are more powerful, while others are more iconic, or more deadly. But all of them have a cool kick-ass factor that would make even the most hardened ancient warrior green with envy. (Sorry Wolverine fans, you won't find his adamantium claws on this list as they're part of his natural mutant ability.) With that said, I give the Top 10 Comic Book Weapons of All Time. 

10. The Joker's Joker Venom

It's one thing to simply be gassed to death. It's a whole other ball of wax when the gas causes you to laugh uncontrollably until your chest tightens and your lungs painfully run out of air until your heart ceases. Oh, but it doesn't end there. As your corpse hits the ground, the muscles in your face severely contract and tighten until your left with a ghastly grin similar to that of your killer, The Joker. 

A special homemade concoction of his own design, Joker Venom has been around for almost as long as the Joker has. It's an effective chemical weapon that the mad clown can administer as either a gas or a liquid. It can kill you in a matter of seconds or it can take its sweet time and slowly kill over a long period of excruciating hours. It just depends on how cheery of a mood the Clown Prince is. Just pray you never bump into him when he's particularly jazzed up while carrying a fresh batch. 

9. Green Arrow's Trick Arrows

A good old fashioned bow and arrow may come in handy if you're Robin Hood and you're running around Sherwood Forest stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. But if you're Green Arrow and you happen to notice the zombie powerhouse, Solomon Grundy barreling toward you like a freight train, something tells me a traditional bow and arrow ain't gonna cut it. Might I suggest a grenade arrow?

Oliver Queen has been using trick arrows since the beginning of his crime fighting career as Green Arrow (his first, which he crafted out of necessity, was a fire arrow). From the ultra cool, (tear gas arrow, flare arrow and net arrow), to the absolutely absurd, (boomerang arrow, boxing glove arrow and hand cuff arrow), Ollie has an arrow for just about any occasion. While the emerald archer relies on more standard arrows nowadays, you never know when he'll reach into his quiver and bust out one of his infamous trick arrows to get the job done. 

8. Stargirl's Cosmic Staff

When you want to fight crime as a costumed hero, but have no super powers of your own and you don't have the time to build your own suit of armor or the resources to travel the world over learning everything you can to become the world's greatest detective there's only one thing left for you to do. Invent your very own Cosmic Staff. 

Fashioned by the late Ted Knight and based on an earlier version known as the Gravity Rod, the Cosmic Staff has had its fair share of wielders, from Ted to his son Jack, to its current user, Courtney Whitmore. The staff has the ability to defy gravity simulating flight to its user, create force fields, discharge energy blasts, produce simple solid energy constructs, and generate heat. And if this amazing weapon were to fall into the wrong hands, not to worry... it has the ability to attune itself to its current user so that it would be totally useless to anyone else. Pretty nifty, right? Looks like the only thing it can't do is take digital photos and play mp3's. Give it time. I'm sure one of Ted's predecessors will come up with something. 

7. Lex Luthor's Warsuit

When you're one of the most powerful, egotistical and wealthiest men in the world and the only thing standing between you and total world domination is the super powered kryptonian known as Superman... well, let's just say money, power and ego will only get you so far. Unless of course, you use those resources to build your very own warsuit. 

Luthor first donned an early version of the suit during the Silver Age which he used countless times allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. An all new post-crisis warsuit was forged by Darksied and given to Lex, which Luthor later modified. 

This new suit utilizes Earth, Apokoliptian and Kryptonian technology. In addition to granting its user enhanced strength and durability, it can also project energy shields, fire powerful energy blasts and it enables flight through advanced jet boots. And if you're wondering why an intelligent man like Lex Luthor would wear such a powerful warsuit that doesn't so much as cover one inch of his bald noggin, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to attack? The answer is simple, with an ego as huge as his, it would be a shame if no one recognized him as he's kicking Kryptonian ass all over Metropolis. 

6. Captain America's Shield

If you're wondering why a shield made it on a top 10 list of weapons, then you don't know Captain America very well, do you? He can sling that patriotic disc like nobodies business, causes it to ricochet back and forth, taking out multiple bad guys with a single throw. And don't worry about him loosing it. It always comes right back to him just like a boomerang would. Crocodile Dundee, eat your heart out. 

Cap's shield is made up of a special vibranium and steel alloy which makes it nearly indestructible. The Super Soldier's first shield was used back in World War II when he was taking the good fight to Hitler and his band of Nazis. It was a much different shield that was made of steel and resembled the traditional "triangle" shape that's found in the seal of the United States. Not soon after, a new shield was presented to Captain America by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which was on Cap's person years later when the Avengers found him frozen in a state of suspended animation in the arctic. And while the shield has been seemingly destroyed a few times, much like the fighting American spirit, Captain America and his shield never stay down for long. 

5. The Witchblade

If you were asked to sum up the Witchblade in two words, I'd go with: Beautiful and Deadly. This mystical sentient artifact is actually a male entity spawned by The Darkness (chaos) and The Angelus (order). It acts as a balancing force between these two entities, much like a child who's caught in the middle of divorced parents that are constantly fighting to see who gets little Jimmy this year for Christmas. 

The Witchblade, which contains extremely protective and destructive powers, has bonded with various female hosts throughout history, including Cleopatra and Joan of Arc. Why wouldn't it go after all the hotties? It is a male entity after all. When not in use it can resemble a jewel encrusted gauntlet or bracelet as not to draw attention, but when facing a threat, beware... It will cover its user with semi-organic armor and create deadly extensions of itself such as swords, chains and even wings that will grant its user flight. It can also fire powerful energy blasts, lethal darts and whip-like grapples to attack or climb with. It can heal any type of wound, including mortal ones. The Witchblade has even been said to allow its current host to relive experiences from past hosts as dreams and if that wasn't enough, it has also been said it can re-animate the dead. (Gotta love them zombies!) But if you ever happen to come across it, you might want to consider walking away before trying it on for size. Because if you put in on and it finds you unworthy, expect to lose your arm. Like I said... beautiful and deadly. 

4. Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor

They say necessity is the mother of invention. They also say it's the suit that makes the man. Never has this been truer than in the case of Tony Stark. After suffering a near fatal heart injury during his own kidnapping, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark created a suit of armor to keep him alive and help him escape his captors. Thus was born one of the world's greatest weapons, the Iron Man armor. 

There have been many versions of the Iron Man armor over the years as technology is constantly changing and improving. All have enabled its user flight, superhuman strength, and durability, in addition to an array of powerful weapons including the renowned repulsor ray which fires from the palm of his gauntlets. From the classic red and gold version, to a silver centurion armor, a stealth armor, a hydro armor (for deep sea diving, duh!) and even a Hulkbuster model (guess what that one does), Stark has never come up short when engineering the right armor for the right job. 

The latest Iron Man suit is a sleeker, more powerful version than anything Stark has ever created. An upgrade from the Extremis, this new armor is now part of Tony's biology which is stored inside his body manifesting itself when commanded mentally. Nano-machines now make up the armor and can even mimic the appearance of clothing. Ain't technology grand?

3. Thor's Uru Hammer, Mjolnir

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of ... Thor" as engraved on the mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Forged by dwarfs under the command of Thor's father Odin, Mjolnir, which literally means, "that which smashes", was molded by the core of a star and constructed primarily of Uru metal. 

Legend has it the indestructible hammer has survived extreme heat greater than that of a dozen suns, powerful blasts that can annihilate entire planets as well has having the power to destroy whole galaxies. (Yikes!) The hammer can grant its user the ability to manipulate elemental forces, teleportation, matter manipulation, life force absorption, energy sensing, invisibility, energy absorption, image projection, interdimensional messaging and flight which Thor achieves by throwing Mjolnir with such great force that by holding onto the leather strap on its hilt, the hammer will literally pull the Thunder God into the air. And much like Captain America's shield, when hurled at foes the hammer will always return to its owner. Bet your daddy never gave you a gift like that. 

2. Green Lantern's Ring

Sure, there are now more different colored power rings in the DCU than there are different colored candy in a bag of Skittles, but we're gonna focus on the most iconic of them all, the Green Power Ring, which is the sole weapon used by members of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. 

The Green Power Ring is an amazingly powerful weapon which has almost limitless abilities, depending on the skill and willpower of its bearer. Some even consider it the most powerful weapon in known universe. While the ring is capable of granting its wearer flight, some of its more popular capabilities include: the ability to create force fields, give environmental playback (much like a surveillance camera would), absorb energy, levitate any object (both inanimate and organic), translate any language in the known universe (both written and spoken), create homing beacons, make its wearer invisible, and create a telepathic link between all other Green Power Ring users. But its most popular and widely used ability is that to create hard-light emerald energy constructs through the wearer's shear willpower of which can be anything its user can imagine. If a Green Lantern is killed in action the ring will automatically log the death of the corps member and seek out a suitable replacement, one who has a strong will and can overcome great fear. Snoop Dogg wishes he had that kind of bling.

1. The Infinity Gauntlet

Imagine... with the snap of your fingers you can wipe out all of existence. That is, if you happen to be wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, unless you were just trying to get your waiter's attention and ask for more bread.

The Infinity Gauntlet's power actually comes from the six Infinity Gems that the glove holds. Whoever dons the glove containing all six gems has omnipotence (unlimited power), omniscience (the power to know everything including everyone's thoughts in the known universe), and omnipresence (the ability to be present everywhere at the exact same time). 

The six gems found on the gauntlet include the:

  • Soul Gem (green) - This sentient gem hungers for souls and allows its user to steal and manipulate souls both living and dead.
  • Time Gem (orange) – Grants its user complete and total control over time, be it past, present or future.
  • Space Gem (purple) – Allows its user to exist in any location, even at the same time. It can also rearrange space according to the user's will.
  • Mind Gem (blue) – Gives its user mental and psionic power and can access any being's thoughts either one at a time or all at once.
  • Reality Gem (yellow) – This gem can grant its user any wish they or anyone else desires no matter how deadly or absurd it may be.
  • Power Gem (red) – This gem can access any and all power that has ever or will ever exist. It can also boost the effects of every other gem on the gauntlet giving its wearer invincibility along with any physical superhuman ability they desire.

With the god-like power that the Infinity Gauntlet can offer, it's easy to see why this is comic's most powerful weapon, bar none. To hell with more bread, I want the power of a god!

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