Top 10 Most Heroic Captain America Covers

A column article, Top Ten by: Justin Carmona

Captain America. No one and I mean no one in the Marvel Universe is more brave, heroic or fearless. His is the Sentinel of Liberty. The original Super Soldier. The heart and soul of earth's mightiest heroes, the Avengers. In the spirit of yesterday's Independence Day celebration I decided to take a look at Cap's covers that best capture the bravery and cunning of the Living Legend himself. Here they are, the...


10. Captain America... Commie Smasher!

Looks like Cap and his sidekick Bucky Barnes cracked down on a secret group of American Communist sympathizers. Look at the smiles on our heroes' faces as they celebrate their grand victory. Nothing is more satisfying than taking out a small band of suit and tie wearing pinko bastards on American soil. McCarthyism at its finest.

9. Outta My Way, Chump!

Artist John Romita Sr. perfectly captures the relentless bravery of Captain America as he runs past a hail of gunfire while elbowing Moonstone outta the way like he was nothing, with his sights set on the "deadliest Man-Menace of all!!" Although, who here would really be afraid going up against someone who refers to themselves as the *snicker* Man-Menace?

8. Take That, You Stinkin' Ratzi!

It's only the cover to the very first issue of Captain America Comics and the Super Soldier already displays how heroic and brave he is by storming into Hitler's secret compound amidst rabid gunfire and giving the ultimate Nazi rat-bastard a grand wallop right in his hate-mongering kisser. Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

7. Rocket's Red (White & Blue) Glare!

Because sometimes saving your friends means fearlessly riding a giant rocket through the air at breakneck speeds. Good thing for Falcon, his old buddy Captain America is brave enough to do whatever it takes to keep his pal from getting blown to feathers.

6. "Hopelessly Outnumbered? ...Over My Dead Body!"

Not only does good ‘ol Cap here demonstrate his courage under fire, but he shows off just how great of a multi-taker he is as he beats the tar outta four of the Red Skull's sinister agents at the same time! One gets an upper cut from Cap's right, the other gets a face full of shield all the while the last two are pinned down and incapacitated with the Super Soldier's knee. Oh yeah, and Falcon there in the background manages to punch out one guy all my himself. You go, dude!

5. Stormin' the Beaches!

This is hands down without a doubt the most heroically memorable cover from Ed Brubaker's Captain America run. Artist Daniel Acuna perfectly captures the bravery of the Sentinel of Liberty as he leads the charge on that fateful day in Omaha Beach.

4. Cap to the Rescue!

The Red Skull may be holding a cute blonde over the edge of a lighthouse rail threatening to drop her if Cap doesn't back off, but do you think that'll stop the Super Soldier from doing what must be done? Hell no! Only someone as brave and fearless as Captain America would be daring enough not to back off from the Red Skull's petty threats. I wonder if she gave the good Captain a proper ‘thank you' at the end of the day for his unrelenting heroics.

3. Never Fear. Cap is Here!

This masterfully rendered cover by Ron Garney perfectly captures the determination of America's no. 1 Super Soldier. Just look at the focus and drive in Captain America's eyes. You can tell the kid gloves are coming off as Cap is readying himself to kick some Anti-American ass!

2. The Captain and the King!

Legendary comic book artist Jack "the King" Kirby's return to his co-creation, Captain America, was hailed by one of the most heroic and iconic images of Captain America. Ever. The fearless battle-ready pose and the sheer raw intensity in Cap's stare is enough to scare the dickens outta anyone even thinking of launching an attack on American soil. Look out, baddies!

1. Old Glory!

What's a more heroic or awe-inspiring image than that of Captain America holding up Old Glory high and proud amongst the rubble and ash of battle? If you think you know of one, I guarantee you're wrong. God Bless America.

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