The Diamond Top 300

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The Diamond Top 300

An Overview

What is the Diamond Top 300 and why should you care?

Simple answers:

What is the Diamond Top 300?

It is the list of the top 300 comic book titles ordered by retailers through Diamond in any given month.

Why should you care?

You should care because the Diamond Top 300 is a gauge as to how the industry is doing. Think of it as the comic book industry’s equivalent of T.V. Ratings or Weekend Box Office for movies.

As a fan, you should take notice of the list. Look at it; see where your favorite titles are on the list and how they are selling. Where they are on the top 300 can determine the life of your favorite title.

As a prospective publisher, these numbers should one of your guides. As explained in the previous column, they will tell you invaluable information you will need to know.

So there is your overview. Simple, right? This week’s column is done, see you in two weeks.

Where do you think you’re going? You really think it is that simple?

The simple answer is good for most people, but not for you, the new publisher. You need a little more.

There is a lot more to know than “It is the list of the top 300 comic book titles ordered by retailers through Diamond in any given month.”

T.V. Ratings tell the fans how many millions are watching any given TV Show. But to the industry they give three crucial pieces of information Rating, Shares and Viewers. The industry itself considers ratings something different than the general public.

Ratings are the percentage of the TV's tuned into a program during its time slot; share is the percentage of TV’s actually in use at the time. Viewers is how many people view the show - what most people consider ratings (for more info go to the Nielsen Media Research website).

The weekend box office of any given film gives the fans an idea of how successful the film was in its opening weekend and its entire theatrical run. But like with T.V. Ratings, it tells the industry more information, information that most people gladly ignore.

Go to Box Office Mojo and check out any particular weekend chart. Most people just look at the Weekend Gross column. Take a look at all the columns.

What do they tell you?

For starters they tell you where the film opened, where it was the previous weekend (if applicable), how many theaters it was in, average dollars per theater and total gross. Total gross is the most important, right?

Not always.

Sometimes how much money per theater is made is more important. It tells the distributors if they should consider rolling out the movie in more theaters or scale it back. A movie could have a high total gross, but a low per theater average.

Just as T.V. ratings and movie weekend charts are gateways to more than just “viewership” and “weekend gross,” the Diamond Top 300 is more than just a sales chart.

The Diamond Top 300 can be viewed in the same way as T.V. Ratings and Movie Charts. It is an overview of how titles are doing in retail sales, but is also the gateway to more information. It doesn’t just tell you how many titles were ordered, it tells you what company published the title, what issue of the title it is, price of the title and much more.

For starters, it will tell you just how many titles Marvel and DC published in any given month, what those titles orders were, where they landed in the 300 and show just how dominant Marvel and DC really are.

Next time - The Diamond Top 300 – Marvel and DC.




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