WLG #394: Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

A column article by: Matt Spatola

I’m always surprised at how fast the deadline for the column comes up. To me it seems like I was just here and sharing with you all about comics etc. But that’s not true. My partners Kyle and Brad have done a great job as always and now the wheel has gone full circle and it is my turn once again.

I usually write these on the Sunday afternoons the column is due. I do this in case there might be some breaking comics I want to comment on, not because I’m bad with deadlines- typically.

However I don’t really have a lot to say about recent goings on in the industry. It seems the last few weeks have been focused on Marvel and hyping possibly the hugest event ever, Avengers vs. X-Men.  And DC keeps chugging along with their New 52 and the announcement of the first wave of cancellations and replacement titles.

So I don’t have too much to write about there. On the news they are covering the death of Joe Paterno. As a Penn State grad this does hit me a little hard. I know with all the horror stories involving the scandal, Penn State and even Joe Paterno are touchy subjects for many. And I understand that. I, personally, will be leaving to head back up to State College when I finish the column so that’s another reason things might be shorter than normal.

Well, let’s get to it then shall we? Here are my picks for What Looks Good this week:


Batman: The Dark Knight #5 $2.99 (David Finch & Paul Jenkins)

“When a madman attacks Batman with a new and powerful fear toxin, The Dark Knight visits the coldest and most distant part of his soul. And as his deepest fears resurface, he must rely on old friends to help quell the terrible effects, and to remind him of his true mission as a hero. But what Batman discovers hidden in a moment of courage may change his life forever... for a dark figure from his past has returned - the one adversary The Dark Knight truly fears.”

Batman as a character is really going through a great period creatively. We have several high quality ongoing titles with great creative teams to choose from. While the focus is on Scott Snyder on Batman, Grant Morrison on Batman Inc and Tony Daniel on Detective Comics, David Finch and Paul Jenkins are also doing some solid work in this title.

It’s strange to think that a Batman title illustrated by David Finch would somehow slip under the radar but that’s been the case since the relaunch of the DC titles with the New 52.

The teamwork between Finch and Jenkins seems to be growing with each issue. Not much I can say new about the creators. Finch’s art is exactly what you expect and Jenkins particular voice is quite apparent in the scripting. The opening storyline of this title has been moving along briskly and the reveal of the villain only makes sense with the coming Dark Knight Rises film this summer.

This book is solid, both in art and script. So if you have not been checking this book out now is the time.

Justice League #5 $3.99 (Geoff Johns & Jim Lee)

“Now, with the teenaged powerhouse Cyborg at their side, this group of individual heroes must somehow put their differences aside to face the terror of Darkseid!”

This title while being DC’s biggest seller since the relaunch- no surprises there- is also the one that gets the fans most irate. Until this book I never really pictured Johns and Lee as polarizing types of creators. You know, the ones who bring out the biggest fervor and fury of the fans, both good and bad. I would put folks like Rob Liefeld and John Byrne into that category.

But Justice League has really stirred up the internet with fans complaining about everything, from Johns scripting and dialogue to Lee’s art and of course the costume designs.

I’ve been enjoying the book, but then again I’m a sucker for Lee art. I do agree that Johns seems to be trying to hard to make the characters seem young. However it doesn’t take away from the rest of the story for me.

So this issue has the big battle with Darkseid. And the Justice League. With art by Jim Lee. What else needs to be said?


The Ultimates #6 $3.99 (Jonathan Hickman & Esad Ribic)

“Ultimate Falcon makes his triumphant return! The Ultimates are attacked from all sides! Nick Fury turns to the one man who can save the Ultimates.”

The best Avengers book in the Marvel Universe is not any of the Bendis written Avengers titles or even any of the other ones. It is not even set in the Marvel Universe. Once again, like the two Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch era Ultimates series, the Ultimates is the best Avengers book out there.

After the debacle of the Jeph Loeb series The Ultimates 3 and even Millar’s ‘ehh’ follow up miniseries, many fans wrote off the book. Well they should give the title a chance once again.

Hickman’s take on the Ultimates is truly in line with the widescreen, real life approach the Millar and Hitch used. Ribic’s thin line, high energy and real life expressions give the art the life that also was present with Millar and Hitch.

I know that Hickman is busy now with three Marvel ongoing series but after Bendis leaves the Avengers books at the end of the year I would love to have Hickman as the next writer to take over the franchise.

That’s it for this week. It was a light week for my pull list but these still stood out. There  are a couple of others you should give a look to as well. Like:

  • The Walking Dead #94- isn’t everyone already reading this?
  • Secret Avengers #21.1- the Remender era begins!
  • Kung Fu Panda #4- who doesn’t like those movies?
  • I Vampire #5- hot vampires but not the sparkly kind

Anyway thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your comments on my picks or your ideas for what looks good this week. So feel free to share. Thanks and see you in 3.

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