A Round-Up of Dark Horse's Upcoming Video Game Adaptations

A column article by: Amelia Ramstead

While I was at PAX, I had the opportunity to speak with Dave Marshall, the editor at Dark Horse Comics. One of the creators of the video-game genre of comics, Dark Horse has been quite busy, working on tie-ins for upcoming games such as Mass Effect 3 (expected release date March 6, 2012), Star Wars: The Old Republic (which just announced a release date of December 20, 2011) and Rage (release date October 4, 2011).

October is going to see the release of the third series of Mass Effect comics for Dark Horse, Mass Effect: Invasion. They will also be releasing a collection of Mass Effect: Evolution that month. The Mass Effect series are written by Mac Walters, the lead writer of Mass Effect 2 and the upcoming Mass Effect 3. Dave noted that readers of the comics will have a good idea of what's been going on in the Mass Effect universe when they can finally get their hands on the game.

In November, Dark Horse will be releasing Valve: The Sacrifice and other Steam Powered Stories. This collection will feature stories from the universes of Portal 2, Team Fortress 2 and Left4Dead. I love Portal 2, and if they can incorporate both the creepiness and the crack-up humor of the game into the book, I would be interested in getting my hands on that.

Other upcoming releases Dave was enthusiastic about included the third series in Star Wars: The Old Republic, called The Lost Suns. The series is written by Alexander Freed, a senior writer for the game. The December 20 release date on the game hadn't been announced yet when the interview took place, but Dave indicated that the comic will be released in winter and the story will take place concurrently with the game.

Speaking of Bioware, Dark Horse is just starting work on a series of comics based on the popular Dragon Age games. Additionally, they just wrapped a three-issue series to tie in with iD Software's Rage. The comics series will be out in November.

PAX was the setting for Dark Horse's other big announcement. In February, they will be releasing a 184-page hardcover art book called The Art of the Mass Effect Universe. The book is going to include the concept art for all three games, with hundreds of new pieces and a full chapter dedicated to Mass Effect 3. The book will also feature commentary from the development team at Bioware. This book should tie in nicely with the March release of the game and will be a treat for fans of the games.

I asked Dave what he, personally, was most excited about.

"Our Mass Effect comics program was really the one that kicked off Dark Horse and video game comics. This third series, Invasion, stars Aria T'Loak, the Pirate Queen of Omega, defending the station from an onslaught of reaper-created monsters. Cerberus is involved and things really fall apart pretty quick and it's really going to give readers an insight into what the galaxy is looking like when they start Mass Effect 3. There's some really juicy content in there -- that's something that we strive for with every one of our series, so, yeah, particularly excited about that one right now."

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