WLG #388: A Holiday Quickie

A column article by: Matt Spatola

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s edition of What Looks Good. Let me apologize right away for the ‘shortness’ of the column. Through some scheduling issues I’m writing this column with the shortest deadline I’ve ever had here at Comics Bulletin. And November is a 5 week publishing month so things are a little light from the Big 2 this week, especially DC. So with that in mind I’m just going to dive right in to a special edition of What Looks Good this week.


Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #1 $1.00 (Trautman and Lindo)

The year is 1934, a time of two-fisted swashbuckling, of fearsome threats and wild adventure-and of ever-growing threats on the horizon. Three valiant humans -- Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov -- are plucked from the Earth, traveling to the distant planet Mongo. Their exploits are legendary, battling the machinations and terror schemes of the dreaded emperor Ming, the All-Seeing Ruler of Mongo. But they did not fight alone. Written by Eric Trautmann (Vampirella, Red Sonja), from a story and designs by Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels, Project: Superpowers), and illustrated by Daniel Lindro.

That’s right Flash is back and so are dollar comics.

Dynamite is launching their new Flash Gordon comic with the special priced first issue. I’m guessing they are hoping that this will help increase the number of readers sampling the series since the Flash Gordon property has been a little out of the zeitgeist…see what I did there?

Anyway I’m betting that to most current comic book readers their best experience with Flash Gordon would be the so-horribly-bad-its-actually-good Flash Gordon movie from 1980 that is always on heavy rotation on the Encore movie channels.

“Hawkmen dive!"


The First Law of Mad Science #1 $3.99 (Isenberg, Mertz and Lapham)

Super-scientist George Baker's newest invention, electronic retinal implants known as 'Cyver-Eyes', are nothing short of amazing. So amazing, in fact, and so cheap and easy to get, that some 40% of the population have gotten them within their first year on the market. But they aren't perfect. Far from it. When things start going inexplicably and bizarrely wrong with the original test-subjects, George and his family will have to find out why before the problem spreads and causes world-wide panic. Along the way they'll uncover ancient civilizations, corporate conspiracies, insane cults, other-dimensional creatures, awesome robots, subterranean cities, and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. It's going to be a wild ride!

What can I say; the great title caught my eye when I was going through the Previews book. And the premise of the book certainly sounds like a whole lot of fun.

As a creator myself I really need to be making the effort to keep checking the back of Previews and supporting independent publishers. This is something we all need to be doing. Yeah the industry lives by riding on Marvel and DC books. And that is great. But one of the only ways its going to survive and thrive is by growing the independent publishing presence.


Haunt #19 $2.99 (Joe Casey and Nathan Fox)

AN ALL-NEW CREATIVE TEAM KICKS OFF WITH A BOLD NEW DIRECTION! Brothers Daniel and Kurt Killgore have shared an ominous power, but things begin to unravel - for both of them - when a past tragedy comes back to haunt them. All-new action! All-new enemies! The new nightmare begins... NOW!

I really enjoyed this series so far. Even though its ‘creation’ made it seem quite a bit like a vanity press project the A list creators involved showed that it wasn’t. Kirkman, Capullo and MacFarlane really produced a solidly entertaining and good looking series. And when all three of them announced that they were leaving the book to focus on other projects- like Kirkman and his little juggernaut called The Walking Dead- I, with a lot of other people, assumed the book would be ending too.

But here we are- after quite a few delays- with issue 19 and the new creative team of Joe Casey and Nathan Fox. I’ve been a fan of both for awhile now. And I am really curious to see where these two plan on taking the book.

Well I think I’m going to stop there and leave my picks mainly focused on independent projects this week. I do have a couple of ‘almost made its’ this week so if you have the chance and the extra cash you should look these books over:

  • Red Skull #5- the teen Skull series comes to an end, teen Dr. Doom is angry since his series was canceled before even coming out
  • Archie #627- Archie and the Gang meet KISS, c’mon you know you’re curious…
  • Vertigo Resurrected: Sgt. Rock #1- art by Joe Kubert; not much into Rock but who doesn’t like Kubert?

That’s it for me then. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving I know mine went very well. Thanks for checking out my picks for What Looks Good in this week’s new releases. When I’m back at the wheel again I think I might share a few holiday gift ideas. So see you all in 3.

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