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  1. Top 10 Weapons In Comics Cover Image

    Top 10 Weapons In Comics

    Ever wonder where a Viking warrior would have been without his trusty battle axe to thrust deep into the skulls of oncoming opponents? How effective of an assassin would a Ninja have been without his silent, but deadly shuriken to help him quietly kill from a distance? Well, sometimes comic book heroes and villains rely on weaponry just as much as ancient warriors did to help get the job done.

    Column Article, Top Ten Justin Jude Carmona March 22, 2011
  2. Top 10 Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes Cover Image

    Top 10 Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes

    Okay, comics fans, it doesn't get much more geeky than this! As our esteemed columnist Steve Savage pointed out in his latest column , there's just something about the Legion of Super-Heroes that grabs your imagination when you're young and never lets you go.

    Column Article, Top Ten Jason Sacks January 24, 2011
  3. Top 10 Lamest Marvel Costumes Cover Image

    Top 10 Lamest Marvel Costumes

    There have been a lot of characters who have appeared over the last 50 years of Marvel Comics, but these 10 guys have the most sartorial splendor of them all! Some of these guys are obscure, some are among Marvel's greatest characters, but all will have you wondering just what the heck Marvel was thinking when they designed these costumes! 10.

    Column Article, Top Ten Kevin Powers January 10, 2011