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Shot for Shot

  1. Advance Review: The River 1.01  Cover Image

    Advance Review: The River 1.01

    Just minutes into the pilot episode of ABC’s midseason series The River , Doctor Emmet Cole, long-time star of a popular TV documentary show which explores the splendor and marvels of nature, jubilantly faces his viewers at home and declares, “There’s magic out there!” What he means, of course, is the wonder of nature.

    Column Article, Shot For Shot Matt Bucher August 3, 2011
  2. Conan the Adventurer DVD Cover Image

    Conan the Adventurer DVD

    Produced by : Sunbow Distributed by : Shout! Factory and Hasbro This takes me back, just watching the opening credits shot me back to the age of sideways ponytails, Squeezeit juice drinks and the best animation TV had to offer.

    Column Article, Shot For Shot Karyn Pinter July 31, 2011