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  1. Likes Boobs, Reads Comics  Cover Image

    Likes Boobs, Reads Comics

    We're going to be testing out a new column idea, where Kyle Garret tries to view some of DC's more controversial books from the perspective of someone they're supposedly created for: a hetereosexual white male.

    Column Article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox Kyle Garret September 27, 2011
  2. Heroclix Online Preview  Cover Image

    Heroclix Online Preview

    Heroclix is a collectible miniatures game produced by Wizkids Games , where players duke it out with teams from a collection of figures representing their favourite super-heroes! It is currently the 3rd best selling collectible game, last month de-throning Pokemon from the number 3 spot.

    Column Article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox Christopher Power August 21, 2011