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Articles by steve morris

  1.  X-Wing: June 2012 Cover Image

    X-Wing: June 2012

    In a month where Warbird outed herself as a raging homophobe and Colossus regained the ability to use polysyllabic words, what else have we got to talk about from June? SO MUCH, YOU GUYS.

    Column Article, X-Wing Steve Morris June 28, 2012
  2. Minicomic: The Mire Cover Image

    Minicomic: The Mire

    Ideas of love and loss are a frequent sight in Cloonan's output, but The Mire takes a different approach towards the themes, and the result is a richly rewarding, dense and compressed story which feels light, open, and dreamlike.

    Comic Review Article Steve Morris May 31, 2012