Articles by shawn hill

  1. Next Men #9 Review Cover Image

    Next Men #9 Review

    After last issue's sci-fi romp through the centuries (for once in this book, in a linear fashion), this issue we're back to focusing on the flaws and foibles of our main characters.

    Comic Review Article Shawn Hill August 26, 2011
  2. Invincible #81 Cover Image

    Invincible #81

    So, the Viltrumite war is over, with none of those rat bastards currently in evidence.

    Comic Review Article Shawn Hill July 30, 2011
  3. The Boys #56 Cover Image

    The Boys #56

    Striking color green on the cover, isn't it? Certainly stands out amongst the others on the rack.

    Comic Review Article Shawn Hill July 9, 2011
  4. Legion of Super-Heroes #14 Cover Image

    Legion of Super-Heroes #14

    You know the Legion is a law unto itself at this point, right? You know that the multitudes of cast members are part of what matters, and not any kind of hindrance, don't you? You know that if anybody can juggle an epic cast of Legions of heroes and villains (and with a bit more élan than was managed in Legion of Three Worlds , which this story superficially resembles), it's old hand Paul Levitz, of course? Like him, we have no problem keeping track of everyone.

    Comic Review Article Shawn Hill June 20, 2011