Articles by robert tacopina

  1. Moon Knight #6 Cover Image

    Moon Knight #6

    It's about damn time that Marvel Comics has really upped the game in their treatment of Moon Knight ! The character has so much potential to be a break out star for the publisher, yet Marvel seems to drop the ball with every opportunity to elevate Moony to the next plateau of heroes.

    Comic Review Article Robert Tacopina October 7, 2011
  2. Herc #7 Cover Image

    Herc #7

    Trying to incorporate your title into an event is a very tricky proposition one must undertake.

    Comic Review Article Robert Tacopina September 16, 2011
  3. Wolverine #13 Cover Image

    Wolverine #13

    This latest issue of Wolverine , the penultimate offering of "Wolverine's Revenge!" sets all the dominoes up for the knockdown next month.

    Comic Review Article Robert Tacopina August 5, 2011