Articles by penny kenny

  1. Archie & Friends #152 Cover Image

    Archie & Friends #152

    After losing two eating contests, Jughead goes looking for help from… Sabrina the teenage witch! It's no secret I loved Tania Del Rio's run on the manga-style version of Sabrina's own title, but I have to say she handles "classic" Sabrina just as well.

    Comic Review Article Penny Kenny March 12, 2011
  2. Veronica #204 Cover Image

    Veronica #204

    Veronica's quest to discover the identity of the new rich kid at Riverdale High continues in the conclusion to the "New Kids Off the Wall" storyline.

    Comic Review Article Penny Kenny January 31, 2011
  3. Age of Bronze #31  Cover Image

    Age of Bronze #31

    "Betrayal” (part 12) Troilus and Cressida's new found happiness comes to an end as King Priam orders that Cressida be handed over to the Achaeans as a ransom for his advisor Antenor.

    Comic Review Article Penny Kenny January 3, 2011