Articles by paul brian mccoy

  1. Mondo Marvel #3 - July-August 1962 Cover Image

    Mondo Marvel #3 - July-August 1962

    Greetings gang! Has it really been two weeks since the last installment? Man, time flies, doesn't it? We've got a big column this week as two more classic heroes are introduced, Thor and Spider-Man, and well as a classic villain, Doctor Doom! We also get a couple of alien invasions, time travel, pirates, gods, and a healthy dose of guilt.

    Column Article, Mondo Marvel Paul Brian McCoy May 19, 2009
  2. Mondo Marvel #2 - January-May 1962 Cover Image

    Mondo Marvel #2 - January-May 1962

    Greetings fellow travelers! Here we go again, for real this time, making our way through the origins of the Marvel Universe! Hopefully most of you will have already read these comics, whether it was years ago or just last night.

    Column Article, Mondo Marvel Paul Brian McCoy May 5, 2009
  3. Mondo Marvel #1 - November 1961 Cover Image

    Mondo Marvel #1 - November 1961

    Welcome to the Grand Experiment! My name is Paul Brian McCoy and I would like to invite you to come along with me on a strange and wondrous journey, as I explore the creation of the Marvel Universe, beginning with 1961's Fantastic Four #1 and going all the way through everything published in December of 1969.

    Column Article, Mondo Marvel Paul Brian McCoy April 21, 2009
  4. Sunday Slugfest: Ignition City #1 Cover Image

    Sunday Slugfest: Ignition City #1

    Ignition City is Warren Ellis’s alternate Earth story of a world in which analogs of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and other early space opera heroes actually began their careers in the 1920s--apparently bringing Earth to the attention of extraterrestrial forces that these heroes were unable to repel.

    Comic Review Article Thom Young, Alexandru Lupp, Jason Sacks, Paul Brian McCoy April 12, 2009