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  1. Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby Cover Image

    Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby

    Reprinting stories from: Red Raven Comics #1, Marvel Mystery Comics #13, Captain America Comics #1, Yellow Claw #3, Rawhide Kid #17, Amazing Adventures #1, Strange Tales #94, Hulk #3, Amazing Spider-Man #8, Avengers #4, Sgt.

    Comic Review Article Michael Deeley November 7, 2004
  2. Sunday Slugfest – Avengers #500 Cover Image

    Sunday Slugfest – Avengers #500

    “Chaos, Part One of Four” Jason Cornwell I have to say I entered this issue a with a great deal of concern, as the current line-up of the Avengers contains a number of my favourite characters, and Brian Michael Bendis' claims that he was going to royally mess up the team left me hoping for the best, but truly expecting the worst.