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  1. Conan: Present and Past Cover Image

    Conan: Present and Past

    The Story Oh, how I remember reading the Conan books of my youth! The mighty warrior we first see as a youth fleeing his captors, falls into a cave (or tomb), finds his mighty sword, and then sets out to conquer the Hyborrian Age! Other than knowing he’s a Cimmerian and worships a grim and wrathful god named Crom, I never really knew much about him, especially his younger years.

    Column Article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox Judson Miers November 16, 2005
  2. Sunday Slugfest – Avengers #500 Cover Image

    Sunday Slugfest – Avengers #500

    “Chaos, Part One of Four” Jason Cornwell I have to say I entered this issue a with a great deal of concern, as the current line-up of the Avengers contains a number of my favourite characters, and Brian Michael Bendis' claims that he was going to royally mess up the team left me hoping for the best, but truly expecting the worst.