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  1. The Forever People #8   Cover Image

    The Forever People #8

    From the beginning of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series it was the apprehension of the Anti-life Equation that drove Darkseid.

    Column Article Jim Kingman May 1, 2011
  2. DC's Best Bronze Age Story!  Cover Image

    DC's Best Bronze Age Story!

    After reading Jason Sacks’s “Top Ten 1970s Marvels” and Andrew Wahl’s “Top Ten Most Underrated Bronze Age Comics,” two excellent articles recently published here at Comics Bulletin , coming up with my selection of DC’s best comic book series of the Bronze Age was easy, but convincing myself that the series I chose deserved to stay at the top was the hard part because it wasn’t long before every other series or story I had relegated to #2 came calling with strong justifications for supplanting my choice.

    Column Article Jim Kingman November 27, 2010
  3. Waiting for The Great Pumpkin  Cover Image

    Waiting for The Great Pumpkin

    A significant comic strip anniversary is less than two weeks away! Linus began his annual anticipation of the Great Pumpkin’s rising from a sincere pumpkin patch in the “Peanuts” strip that appeared in newspapers on October 26, 1959.

    Column Article Jim Kingman October 15, 2010