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  1. Doctor Who 6.12

    Doctor Who 6.12 "Closing Time" Review

    As the Doctor prepares for his inevitable death at Lake Silencio, he visits a former roommate and learns that the Cybermen are responsible for a series of disappearances at a local department store and resolves to investigate.

    TV Review Article Dave Wallace September 29, 2011
  2. Doctor Who 6.09

    Doctor Who 6.09 "Night Terrors"

    The second episode of the post-summer-break Doctor Who is a marked improvement on its predecessor, presenting a smart, character-oriented slice of mystery horror, based around some interesting ideas and well acted by its cast.

    TV Review Article Dave Wallace September 4, 2011
  3. Action Comics #899  Cover Image

    Action Comics #899

    Action Comics #899 is an impressive issue in that it manages to accomplish several interesting and entertaining things all at once -- without feeling like any one of them is compromised by the others.

    Comic Review Article Dave Wallace April 4, 2011
  4. Knight and Squire #6  Cover Image

    Knight and Squire #6

    Knight and Squire #6 sees the miniseries conclude with a story in which the titular heroes must do battle with the Joker -- yes, the real one -- who has kidnapped his English counterpart and forced him to help execute an apparently meaningless yet nonetheless highly dangerous campaign of murder and crime across the British Isles.

    Comic Review Article Dave Wallace March 21, 2011