Articles by dan hill

  1. Incognito #2 Cover Image

    Incognito #2

    Matthew J. Brady While it might be unfortunate that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are taking a break from their excellent series Criminal , they're really only taking a bit of a step sideways in this new mini-series, combining their noir stylings with a gritty superhero (or supervillain, rather) milieu.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill, Matthew J. Brady February 9, 2009
  2. Secret Warriors #1 Cover Image

    Secret Warriors #1

    Dan Hill Plot : "Secret Invasion" has passed and Norman Osborn has ascended and now wields absolute power in the Marvel Universe.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill, Dave Wallace February 2, 2009
  3. Station Cover Image


    Two hundred and twenty miles above the Earth’s surface, the International Space Station is one of the most isolated places a group of humans can gather.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill December 30, 2008
  4. Incognito #1 Cover Image

    Incognito #1

    Dan Hill Plot : Zack Overkill, once a feared super criminal, starts to lust after his old life as the routine of his new one grows stale.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill, Dave Wallace December 29, 2008