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  1. Cars 2 Cover Image

    Cars 2

    Cars 2: Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen I realize that it’s been somewhat fashionable to trash Cars 2, declaring it the bargain basement movie of Pixar’s collection and wondering why John Lasseter and company would ruin such a fine tradition by crapping out a turd of a movie.

    Movie Review Article Amelia Ramstead November 1, 2011
  2. ICO: Castle in the Mist Cover Image

    ICO: Castle in the Mist

    ICO: Castle in the Mist is a new English translation of the 2004 book by Miyuki Miyabe, one of Japan's best-selling authors, based on the classic Playstation 2 game, ICO .

    Comic Review Article Amelia Ramstead September 21, 2011
  3. PAX Prime 2011: Day 2  Cover Image

    PAX Prime 2011: Day 2

    Amelia checks out a boatload of Square Enix games at PAX Prime Day Two, as well as some Bioware adaptations from Dark Horse and a few panels on domesticity and gaming.

    Column Article Amelia Ramstead August 27, 2011