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  1. Mat Broome: Man in Constant Motion, Part 2  Cover Image

    Mat Broome: Man in Constant Motion, Part 2

    In Part 2 of our Feature Interview with Mat Broome, we discuss his plans for his new series DefCon 2055 as both a comic book and animated feature, get a small preview of the highly anticipated DC Universe Online video game, and more! Click here to check out Part 1! SACKS: Let's talk about DefCon 2055 .

    Comics Interview Article Jason Sacks September 10, 2010
  2. Sunday Slugfest: Ignition City #1 Cover Image

    Sunday Slugfest: Ignition City #1

    Ignition City is Warren Ellis’s alternate Earth story of a world in which analogs of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and other early space opera heroes actually began their careers in the 1920s--apparently bringing Earth to the attention of extraterrestrial forces that these heroes were unable to repel.

    Comic Review Article Thom Young, Alexandru Lupp, Jason Sacks, Paul Brian McCoy April 12, 2009